Employee engagement is the success contributing factor in most of the firm. Engaging the employees leads to productivity, motivation at the workplace, and healthy working environment where the employees are motivated to create happy and loyal customers.Employee engagement questionnaire is a perfect way to listen and measure the level of your employee engagement. They function Employee engagement survey is to ask the question that assesses the employee engagement and satisfaction. The following are Employee engagement questionnaire categories that will keep the employee engaged at the workplace.

Workplace satisfaction

  • I have the right tools and resources to assist in job performance.
  • My responsibilities at the company make good use of my skills and expertise.
  • How satisfied are you at your workplace?
  • How satisfied are you with the company communication procedures?
  • Does the supervisor/manager demonstrate the right skills for work?

Goals and mission

  • I understand how my responsibility contributes to the overall firm success
  • I have a good understanding of the company goals.
  • My job is important in meeting the business objectives.
  • Do you understand the organization strategic goals?
  • Is quality the top purpose of the enterprise?


  • The supervisor gives useful and constructive feedback.
  • I receive performance feedback from the manager
  • Employees' performance evaluation surveys are fair and suitable.
  • Employees receive feedback after a good job.
  • The employee receives feedback that helps them improve their performance.


  • I gained recognition for my work and contributions to the organization
  • the firm rewards the employees for exceeding the goals.
  • Good performance is highly recognized.
  • The organization has a recognition program for top performing employees.
  • The company acknowledges the behavior of the employees that will increase work productivity.


  • My co-workers and I strive hard to achieve quality
  • The employees are committed to the strategies of the organization
  • The manager encourages collaboration at the workplace.
  • My co-workers respect my thoughts and feelings
  • The employees work together to achieve high overall performance.

Accountability and performance

  • The organization addresses poor performance.
  • Job success is measured and shared with employees.
  • The organization has high-performance standard
  • The supervisors are responsible for any recorded performance.
  • The employees meet the expectation and we are high achieving.


  • Does the manager treat the employees fairly?
  • The organization has strong leadership
  • I trust the management
  • The administration of the institution acts with integrity.
  • I trust the management in decision-making


  • Employees receive training on personal growth.
  • I welcome an opportunity to enhance my skills.
  • Employees are allowed to learn from mistakes.
  • The administration provided opportunities for personal growth.


  • Do you agree with the communication strategies of the system? 
  • The institution shares the Information with employees
  • Communication mechanisms are useful.
  • The institution leaders communicate well with the employees.
  • Outstanding communication from high authority to employees.

Compensation and payment

  • Are the employees paid fairly for the work they do?
  • The company has a well-formulated benefit plan. 
  • The salary offered is competitive. 
  • Are you satisfied with the benefit plan?
  • Is the salary comparable with other organization similar job position? 

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