Employee service awards are important moments in any employee's life. Achieving a milestone in the workplace is not something we can take for granted but one that needs recognition and appreciation. When the employer chooses to honor his employees, there are variable ways to do it in a fun and exciting way.

Ideas for employee service awards

Company celebrations:

  • Full office parties - Events like the founder's anniversary call for a company-wide celebration. Small gifts can be prepared for all the employees at the party to motivate them.
  • Occasional group parties - Celebrate group parties when a group of employees achieves a milestone, order a cake and a champagne bottle for the entire team to celebrate together.
  • Out-of-office day - set a surprise day out to get the employees to work from food courts or malls equipped with Wi-Fi and gauge the results. You will be surprised at how a change of scenery can boost productivity.

Individual celebrations:

  • A shopping gift card - Shopping gift cards to their favorite store will be appreciated. A card that can shop in more than one store would be ideal.
  • Time off - Many employees values some time off to just rest and unwind. Giving your long-serving employees some extra time off rejuvenates them to perform better.
  • Invite the recipient to select a gift - The employee receiving the award can be asked to choose a gift of their choice.
  • Commemorative gift - An engraved personalized trophy or watch or a pen or a wall clock is a good example of awards. Learn what the particular employee love and work with it to make it personal.
  • Highlight their hobby - To make this award a memorable one, get to know your employee's interests and surprise them with an award that shows off their hobby.
  • Travel - Get your employee to go with their loved ones or family to a destination they will love. Make the bookings exciting and include surprises that they will enjoy.
  • Use the Social Media - With technology, today, use the company's social pages - Twitter, Facebook, etc. to appreciate excellent employees. Let the whole world know what they have done to deserve the recognition.
  • Stick it - whether they are handwritten sticky notes or candy, use them to surprise the best employee. Hold the notes and the candy on their desks when they are out letting them know why you recognize them and watch them marvel at the surprise.

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