Learn the following interview questions to equip yourself on the role of QA Tester.

9 Challenging QA Job Interview Questions and Answers

QA (Quality Assurance) is an important department in all industries that ensure that all the services rendered by the company meet the quality and demands of the consumers. Hiring an excellent QA is not just making sure that you get the right applicant to suit your job but also making sure that fits and coexist well with the existing team.  Most of the QA job interview questions and answers that you will find here are the real issues that you will find in a QA interview.

A lot of research has been done to bring these QA job interview questions and answers. Whether you are a fresher or experienced these QA job interview, questions and answers will assist you to get prepared and crack the tough issues that are asked while you are sitting on the other side of the panel.

QA terms testing

  • Describe a test plan?

A test plan is a systematic approach that describes a procedure to be followed when testing certain activities.

  • Define data driven testing?

This is an automated test that relies on the input or output values.

  • What is a build?

A build is a folder that contains one of the modules of a software


  • Tell me a situation when you encountered challenges when working with your colleague and how you dealt with it.

At times working with a team can be challenging as there might occur quarrelling and misunderstanding. My goals are beyond that as I believe we are a team and have a common goal.

  • Do you like QA testing job?

Yes, I like the QA testing job. The reason is that the process is process oriented and I have the opportunity to learn several things at the same time.

Qualifications and skills

  • What is the quality of a good test case?

A good test case ensures that all the negative and the positive cases are covered.

  • Describe yourself as a QA tester?

I started my QA testing in the year (). I have done several testing on the application including java, c++ and have more experience on various windows.

  • Name different types of testing?

Unit testing, alpha testing, beta testing, smoke testing, shakeout testing, white and black testing, black box and white box testing, regression testing, performance and user acceptance testing.

  • What is bug life cycle?

A bug cycle period is the statuses of an error during its life cycle.  Few of the status include, fixed, solved, reopened, etc.

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