Learn about the top performance appraisal comments and phrases to get the most out of your employees.

Top 24 performance appraisal: comments and phrases

In an organization or multi-national corporation, it is important to use the right phrases at the right time. It is integral to the communication between the employees that the performance appraisals are justified as well as transferred entirely to the employees. A clear and thorough feedback or an assessment helps not only the management but also the employee, who is on the receiving end of the evaluation or the comments and feedbacks. An active feedback helps the employee to review his or her work and be able to bring about the changes that would be beneficial for the employee’s personal and organizational growth.

Following are some of the most effective phrases that can be used for the purpose of employee performance appraisal:

Employee’s Attendance and Punctuality

Kelly manages a high attendance score with her staff.

Alan is very punctual, and he transfers this habit to his team as well.

Bill always makes sure that his employees follow to their lunch breaks and schedules.

James always starts meetings and conclude them on time.

Brooke is a quality employee, but her punctuality is questionable.

Employee’s Attitude 

Ben can build an atmosphere of trust and positivity with his team.

Tim has a very cheerful attitude; it makes others team members feel energetic when he is around.

Allen has a very positive attitude towards the organization.

Malcolm is an excellent manager, but his mood changes make it difficult for him to perform.

Effective Communication 

Polly has a firm grip over verbal and written.

Pete is very efficient with his communication skills.

Ted is an excellent communicator of challenging and complex messages.

Ellen maintains a very vibrant communication with her dealers and suppliers.

Employee’s Cooperation

Jimmy promotes a practical cooperation.

Kelly is a very active team player.

Jack is always willing to offer his services to his co-workers.

Ben is a hard worker but fails to cooperate with his team.

Employee’s Creativity and Innovation

Alan is very creative with his approach to work.

Jennifer can think out of the box.

Steve is always willing to be innovative and always comes up with brilliant ideas.

Emma is slightly hesitant towards team’s creative ideas.

Employee’s Dependability

Rachel is very helpful, in difficult times, her team members can rely on her abilities.

Elliot is a very reliable team member.

John is a very loyal employee but does little to be considered as dependable.


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