Use an employee experience letter to get you a job.

employee experience letter

Employee experience letter has a great importance for any job seeker. It contains necessary information regarding the length of employment, job description; responsibilities handled and any accomplishments they have received since joining the company. An experience letter makes an employee stand out from all the rest especially if the job is already mentioned in the work experience issued by a recent employer. Experience letters must be written in a professional format including all the necessary details. This letter helps companies call you for interviews especially if you make it a habit to send your application with your experience letter attached.

An example of an employee experience letter

Employee experience letter depending on different companies, their nature of work and the period they had the employee on board. The example below is only an example to guide you on how to write such a letter.

Anna Stern,
Hillcrest Technologies
77 Joy Ridge Drive
Ashland, OH 44805

July 30, 2014

To Whom it may concern,

REF: Employee experience letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are at this moment pleased to certify that Mr. Joel Khan was employed by our company Hillcrest Technologies for three years starting from 2010 to 2013.  He began working in our organization at the position of a trainee, but due to his excellent performance and good decision-making skills, he quickly joined the full-time employees as a technician.

In his three years of working with us, he demonstrated leadership skills in many areas. He learned to overcome challenges very fast due to his decision-making skills. He was very self-driven and worked well with any team that was placed on him. He led several teams while he collaborated with us and every team was a success.

By the time he was leaving he was already heading the operations department as the operations manager even at such a young age. For all the three years he led an exemplary life that was such an example to every employee.

He left to return to school and by the time he finished, we could not contain him in our small company anymore. He needs a bigger company that will challenge him in the very areas he has studied.

We wish him all the best in his career path and future endeavors. We would also like to thank him personally for the excellent contribution he gave to our company. Any assistance accorded to this great man would be highly appreciated.


Anna Stern,
Human Resource Manager,
Hillcrest Technologies.

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