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Top 31 Employee Questionnaire Training Need Analysis

In today’s business environment, for an organization to be successful the employee need to be skilled so as to deliver in an efficient and safe manner. A manager may provide training to the employees if he sees that they are not producing and performing up to the expected results. An employee questionnaire training need analysis is a diagnostic tool that helps the HR identify the training that needs to be put in place. An employee survey training need analysis helps a company identify the knowledge, skills, abilities and gaps or areas that require being fixed.

A training need analysis provides a concrete solution that helps a manager to come up with a well-informed decision. It also contributes to determining the effectiveness of any training administered to the employees.

Items considered in Employee questionnaire training need analysis


  • Employees receive training according to their expertise.
  • The company invests in employee training.
  • The employee receives conferences and webinars to better their skills.
  • The company encourages personal development.
  • What will be the training venue?
  • Personal development training is made accessible to the staffs by the organization.
  • The manager has established workshop to assist the workers with innovation.


  • The employee receives consistent workload.
  • The type of task performed by the worker.
  • The class training available to the employee.
  • The importance of each task delegated to the staff.
  • The level of engagement the job requires.


  • Why does the employee need the training?
  • Which skills do I need to exclude from the practice?
  • How will training impact the level of performance?
  • When is the employee expected to utilize the new skills learned?
  • The employee performance results.
  • To whom do the training need to be offered?


  • The person responsible for conducting the training needs analysis.
  • What plan are you going to follow?
  • At what level is the training need analysis going to be conducted?
  • How is the training need analysis performed?
  • What data is available as a reference document during the review?
  • Is training need analysis at the department level or individual employees?


  • The company mission and goals.
  • The roles and responsibilities do the employee holds.
  • Product and services offered by the company.
  • The employee stated career during the onboarding process.
  • The type of feedback and response gotten from the consumers.
  • The goals set by the employees.

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