Discover useful phrases to use in communicating at the workplace to create a n authentic atmosphere

20 useful performance review phrases about communication

Communication skill is such an important skill that every employee should possess no matter where you are placed to work. Everyone in the office including those in management positions is not left behind when communication is mentioned. We cannot emphasize the need for epic communication skills in building a successful working relationship. Being in management brings you face to face with every employee's work life through the performance reviews you conduct every year. It requires such wisdom to learn how to give feedback for evaluations done without making the employee feel humiliated. Every employee no matter how much they have failed should be made to understand where they are failing without necessarily attacking their personality. Even if the employee will be sent home, it is good to send them having made them understand where they need to improve to remain marketable in the job market. Communication being one of the most important areas in the workplace, have to be evaluated and discussed using positive phrases like the ones below.

Useful performance review phrases about communication

  • Use of grammar and punctuation hinders from communicating effectively via written communication.
  • An exceptional communicator who gets his points across in a way that is fully understood.
  • Very diligent in following up through emails and keeping a record of the same.
  • Highly disciplined in how to convey opinions and disagreements in a professional way whether orally or in a written form.
  • Needs improvement in replying emails promptly.
  • Needs to communicate the information clearly to customers and suppliers to avoid the confusion.
  • Reviews and researches on the right words to use to communicate difficult news.
  • Communicates in a way that builds a relationship with all employees both senior and junior.
  • Great in listening and understanding other people's point of view without judging.
  • Great at remaining peaceful in the face of anger and frustrations.
  • Always composed when communicating with everyone.
  • Effective at articulating yourself clearly and accurately.
  • Well prepared beforehand to ask questions that are well thought out.
  • Good at reaching agreements and ensuring everyone is at peace with it.
  • Appreciates and have no problem communicating with everyone in the office.
  • Nurture an open platform where others feel secure sharing their opinions.
  • Allow others to speak up before you can answer.
  • Have open conversations that easily creates friendships among your co-workers.
  • Effective in maintaining a clear attitude towards everyone around you and keeping a healthy smile.
  • Confidentiality of the office information makes you a trusted partner.

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