Take a close look at these game ideas that the management can adopt to increase productivity within the firm.

Employee appreciation game ideas top 24 ideas

Employee recognition should be the top most priority in your company. With the appreciation season approaching, you should come up with an unexpected surprise. Games can be a better way to appreciate your employees. Encouraging employees to play more games makes the employees feel better, more engaged, refresh the mind and increases productivity. Games have proven to be more efficient than a cheque or a day off.

In the business world games also known as gamification have become very popular. Understanding these employee appreciation game ideas, you can increase the productivity of your company by engaging the staffs. Consider the following Employee recognition game ideas for the upcoming appreciating seasons.

Team engagement games

  • Egg drop- these are a great outdoor activity where an employee finds wild materials that cannot drop an egg.
  • Minefield- let the employees create a mine and then choose colleagues to pass through the area. An employee who steps on the pit field freezes.
  • Pass a card- let employee align them and move a card while in the line not looking down.
  • Trivia game- if you can't think of your own game buy a trivia game and let different department challenge each other.
  • Scavenger hunt- hide a gift within the organization and set time for employees to find it.


  • Football-Let employee goes and watches their favorite game.
  • Athletic games- include track and volleyball.
  • Strength sets- let staff from different department pull ropes.
  • Mini Olympics-between different departments

Brain teaser games

  • Sudoku- the employee who solve it first win a prize.
  • Riddles challenge- pose a riddle for the employees to solve.
  • Puzzles- test employees with a puzzle and give a prize
  • Cards- engage the employees by buying cards to play at their happy hour.
  • Mahjong Titans- employees versus the executive.

Morale boosting games

  • Truth and lies- know how employees know each other.
  • Weekly poker- should be played every week non-working hours and it is fun.
  • Office bingo- cards should be distributed to every employee and prizes set.
  • Drawing- the game reduces boredom and can useful in a meeting
  • Picnic sets- such as softball, bag racing.

More fun games

  • Scavenger hunt- employees to search for clues.
  • New product- create a circle and let the employees come up with a new product.
  • Freeze tag- employees touch each other with items and freeze each other.
  • Office pool- employee bet activities that will happen and the winner can have the day off.

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