Apply these key employee evaluation responses that will cultivate an open communication environment

24 key employee evaluation responses

Every organization goes through the employee evaluation process that is one of the most important events in the entire working year.  This is the time when both the employer and the employees review their performance for the past year.  Companies have learned of different methods of employee evaluation that they can use to conduct the performance reviews.  Responses from employees to their employer are very important and should not be taken lightly.  The supervisors and managers are allowed to review and document all the responses to ensure they are tabled and assessed during the official meeting to determine what practical steps to take.  In this article, we will list some of the possible responses from employees categorized according to the area they can be used or have been used for:  

Key employee evaluation responses

Communication skills

  • A good listener who gives adequate time to fellow workers and advises them adequately.
  • Possesses excellent communication skills that come in handy for effective problem-solving abilities.
  • Very open to feedback including suggestions from co-workers.
  • Offers highly respectful communication that earns him respect from colleagues and team members.
  • Communicates very positively motivating and encouraging many to do better.

Creativity and Innovation

  • Comes up with creative plans that improve the company's position and performance.
  • Shows willingness to take the necessary steps without being pushed.
  • Comes up with innovative ideas that enhances the organization's position in the market.
  • Improves the brand value through creative thinking
  • Ability to adapt to difficult situations and turning challenges into opportunities.

Leadership and team building

  • Is always a good example to his teammates in submission and respect.
  • Responsible for instilling self-confidence in his peers through inspiration.
  • Is naturally easygoing and enjoys the company of his work mates
  • Wears a smile, a warm heart and a positive mind every day
  • A natural born leader who respects all the seniors and juniors with the same kind of respect.
  • A great asset to every team he joins as he easily fits in and enjoys to work with anyone.

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