Developing Others: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce.

Developing others is an unremitting process that focuses on the broader, longer-term growth of individuals to nurture them to their potential and promote future development.

Developing Others: Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  • Always has a clear concept of the future working diligently to make it a reality
  • Has a strong personal goal orientation that inspires fellow employees to follow suit
  • Establishes clear and challenging short and long term goals and encourages others to meet the target
  • Demonstrates high initiative and energy in pursuing the set goals as well as motivating others
  • Strives to achieve personal goals that others may be eluding
  • Takes responsibility for both personal and company growth and development to ensure profitability
  • Devotes significant effort in coaching others and assisting them to meet their goals
  • Sets goals that are accompanied by well-designed action plans that everyone can use
  • Works with individuals who show signs of weakness to help improve their capability
  • Challenges the team to the core enhancing their skills to make sound decisions

Developing Others: Meets Expectations Phrases

  • Shows great confidence in the ability to execute daily tasks
  • Helps others determine their personal goals and work on them seriously
  • Obtains the required training and trains others to grow their prowess
  • Listens to counsel regarding set goals and lays down the best strategies to meet them
  • Challenges the teams to think creatively and come up with required solutions
  • Displays a high degree of tenacity in working with the teams to deliver quality work
  • Always willing to help where major decision making may be required
  • Sets high challenging yet realistic goals that all employees can meet
  • Establishes a plan that facilitates timely reports at the culmination of long projects
  • Devises new plans to help out often with severe challenges

Developing Others: Needs Improvement Phrases

  • Sets personal goals with none enhancing an excellent performance on the job
  • Does not make a serious commitment to work with others
  • Unwilling to work with others or help them accomplish their goals
  • Does not set goals in line with the company's policy
  • Has no established goals to develop the skills, abilities, and expertise further
  • Accepts no responsibility to handle the team's goals and work
  • No improvement of performance from the last evaluation period to the current one
  • Gives up easily as well as discourages the team being led
  • Does not consult anyone before setting goals ending up working on the least important tasks first
  • Cannot be relied upon to coach others or share knowledge

Developing Others: Self Evaluation Questions

  • Do you have the expected experiences and knowledge to share with others?
  • Are you reliable to train and coach the employees to produce a better workforce?
  • Do you consult the rest of the management before you make decisions?
  • Do you have personal goals set before you can set the employee's goals?
  • Are you a fast learner and can you impart what you learn fast enough?
  • Do you rely on personal knowledge or do you get more knowledge from others?
  • Do you delight in developing others? capability and making them better?
  • Are you interested in the growth and development of the company?
  • What do you spend your energies on ? development or bringing down?
  • Does the management count on you to deliver profitability in the business?

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