Formulate a sample of the plaque wording for the employee of the year

Employee of the year plaque wording and sample

An employee of the year in any caring company is awarded a plaque with some appreciation message written on it. An employee of the year plaque motivates the employee to work hard and keep up the positive spirit and brings a sense of value to the employee. The plates and the words inscribed are all different depending on the company. Positive words are written on these plaques to make the employee feel appreciated for their excellent work throughout the period that they have been faithful. An employee on receiving the plaque treasures it and knows that he/she works for a company that cares to notice the effort he puts in the daily work he does.

Samples of the plaque wording and sample

  • In appreciation of 10 years of loyalty and dedication to this company
  • Thanking you for being the best team leader in the year 2013.
  • We appreciate you for your outstanding vision, dedication and commitment to excellence.
  • Thank you for your generous commitment of time, support and inspiration to our endeavors.
  • We appreciation your charitable volunteering, your time and the continued support you have given our organizations.
  • We are honoring the few who sacrificed their time and energy to see the customer's needs are met promptly.
  • We appreciate you for your talent and vision.
  • This plaque is presented to you to appreciate your dedication and loyalty for 25 years. Well done!
  • We thank your many years of dedicated service and outstanding accomplishments.
  • Our customers are happy with your services, thank you for your outstanding commitment to all our clients.
  • Congratulations! We recognize and appreciate your exceptional performance.
  • Awarded to you for your dedicated service and commitment to excellence in all you do.
  • In recognition of exceptional leadership and devoted service to our company for the many years.
  • In appreciation of valued participation at the Bakers Inn.
  • Congratulations! You made it to the top by exceeding the quarterly sales that exceed $250,000.
  • In appreciation for all your positive accomplishments and attitude towards all the staff.
  • In recognition for all your dedicated service ad efforts where you are needed most.
  • In recognition for being the best in sales for the year 2014.
  • In honor of exceptional accomplishments in Oregon branch.
  • Appreciating the excellence you had portrayed as the company's president in 2015.
  • Top production award presented to the North Camp production unit for their outstanding products.
  • In recognition of your outstanding efforts all through the 4th quarter season of the year.
  • In appreciation for your continuous contribution in your department.

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