Check out our Employee anniversary gifts guide and apply them to freshen anniversaries celebrations.

27 Ultimate Employee Anniversary Gifts Guide

Employees are essential in every business setting. Employee anniversary gifts are a perfect way to show him or her that you appreciate the time and commitment to the company. Many companies about 90 % have shown commitment to their employees by incorporating employee anniversary gifts guide. Having a meaningful and a well-strategized employee anniversary gifts guide will help in employee retention, satisfactory customer services, employee engagement which will overall contribute to the overall success of the company.

Many employers recognize their employees regularly and to make anniversary gifts unique, add some fresh ideas. There are many ways to conduct the anniversary making it clean and taking the level of excitement to a whole new level. Regardless of the type of gift that you choose, it’s better to choose an effective employee anniversary gifts guide that doesn't seem like favoritism. Check the following ideas.

Classic gifts

  • Have a dinner party to honor the employees.
  • Charity event planning.
  • Pass an anniversary card to the fellow employees and let them sing and write the employee wishes.
  • Give the employee a full catered vacation with his/her family.
  • A watch with the company’s name or logo in the face.
  • Give the employee home appliances such as a blender, a toaster, etc.
  • A bottle of wine on the employee anniversary.

Fun ideas

  • Buy employee movie tickets to the latest movie.
  • Invite a band to the company anniversary day.
  • Incorporate games in the enterprise.
  • Give the employees concert tickets to his/her favorite musician.
  • Give sports gifts such as golf car, Joysticks to their favorite game.

Inexpensive gifts

  • Seng an email to every employee recognizing the employee.
  • Let the employee be flexible with her working hours.
  • Encourage peer to peer recognition and let the employees receive small gifts from colleagues.
  • Food gifts and treaties on the anniversary.
  • Feature the image of the employee in the wall of fame and include their contribution.

Organisation gifts

  • Present to the employee a personalized trophy to display in his office.
  • Provided the employee with opportunities such as training that can benefit you both.
  • Give the employee an office with walls
  • Promote the employee who has shown commitment to the organization.
  • Tag a room with the employee’s name.

Special awards

  • An increase in the employee salary will make him/her feel appreciated.
  • Provide benefits to the employee.
  • Feature the employee in the Company billboards.
  • Face printout in the organization newsletter.
  • Invite a health and wellness specialist to give an employee a massage, spa, etc.

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