Discover the 30-day employee evaluation form template with sample text that should be included.

30-day employee evaluation form template with sample text

The first days of a new employee in your company can tell you if you have done the right thing by hiring them. Besides, they can also inform appropriate training for the new recruits. They also indicate the strengths and weaknesses of the employee. To know all this information, you need to use a 30-day evaluation form where the employee can give the feedback. How do you design the 30-day employee evaluation form? Here is a template and appropriate sample text that you can use:

Name of employee:


Reviewer/Supervisor Name:


Perception about work/work environment

This should aim to establish how the employee perceives their work. Do they feel comfortable in their current positions? How has the workplace environment helped so far? Inquire from them, if they have any suggestions for improving the workplace. Does the initial description you gave about the organization match their views and experience?

Understanding of the alignment between one’s job and organization’s mission

This section aims at finding out if the employee understands their job responsibilities. It also assesses the understanding of the employee on the relationship between their work and the company’s mission. Using appropriate questions, determine if the new employee knows what each of their job responsibilities means and their relationship to the organization’s strategic goals. How much job knowledge do they have? Do they demonstrate the need to learn?

Learning needs

Does the new employee have learning needs? What kind of training do they feel they need in order to perform optimally? Ask them if the organization can do anything to improve their work performance. This will inform future training and development programs

Challenges/conflicts encountered in the work

In this section, the employer seeks to establish any problems that might be affecting the new employee. It shows that the employer cares, and it motivates the employees. Get to know what the employees do not understand about their job. Do they have ample time to finish their daily tasks? Have you been in conflicts with the supervisors and co-workers? How do they solve the conflicts?

Relationship with co-workers and supervisors

New employees need mentorship. Hence, you need to know if they are getting the necessary assistance. Ask the new employees, where they seek help when faced with different work issues. If necessary, have them list some of the co-workers whom they find most helpful. Additionally, establish the employee’s relationship with their supervisors. How cooperative are they? What is their relationship with other employees?

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