As a manager of small companies, there may need to manage employee daily schedule that may vary from time to time. Free employee scheduling software for small business helps the manager to create programs quickly that can be altered either online or via smartphones anywhere. The software will benefit small businesses in areas such as shifts scheduling, payroll features, and time management. Today, there more scheduling software in the market each having its advantages and limitations. Here is a compilation of the free employee scheduling software for small business programming activities.


It's a cloud-based free employee scheduling software for small firms. Has a simple interface that offers training events such as webinars, documentations and can schedule over 20 employees in one schedule. Reduces business stress and headache and can be accessed from anywhere.

www.shiftstatus.comShift status

It's another free employee scheduling software that allows the manager to create, edit and change any scheduled work. The software allows each employee to create an account. You can manage trade shifts and times off. It sends email notification of any activity pending approval.


Planday is an exciting and automatic online clock that connects to the payroll system. It assists in tracking the no of hours worked by the employee and pay according to hours worked. Suitable in hourly scheduling.


An efficient free employee scheduling software for small business that allows creating, edit, and shift schedules. The software has an excellent online support tutorials and offers tutorials.

www.kappix.comDRoster Free Employee Scheduling Software

The software has a more flexible scheduling experience. Applicable for both small and big businesses. It is automatic and saves more time allow importation of employees data from excel.


A free automatic software that is compatible with many devices. Allow up to a year scheduling including employee vacations. Automatic schedule small tasks.


Cloud-based software free employee scheduling software. It's automatic, allow employee database management, group scheduling, vacation and calendar management. Recommendable to any business.


It's an effective employee management software with more advanced features shift scheduling, payroll, time management, health, and safety. The employee can view shift allocations through emails, text, online or the app.


A free employee scheduling software for small business. It allows employees to login into the software to pick and swap shifts. It also supports company messages; thus employees sends each other messages before making swaps


A free cloud base software that is accessible from anywhere using any device. It provides employee information and facilitates easy scheduling of events. It is useful in last minute event planning.

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