Political Skills: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce.

Political Skills are abilities to build connections with other people to get things done within the formal and informal power structure of an organization.

Political Skills: Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  • Demonstrates a strong power of judgment and great self-awareness when handling issues.
  • Knows how to network and build beneficial partnerships with other people.
  • Exhibits a strong sense of honesty, openness, and forthrightness when dealing with issues.
  • Has great confidence and poise when engaging other people in any conversation.
  • Shows an excellent ability to think critically and deeply before speaking.
  • Logically communicates ideas and views that people can easily understand.
  • Shows strong interpersonal skills and abilities that help to build a good rapport with people.
  • Has strong powers of discernment and tends to be more perceptive to other people's behaviors.
  • Shows willingness to reciprocate to other people to try to bring them closer.
  • Shows great perceptive abilities of social situations and interactions and accurately interprets their behavior and that of others.

Political Skills: Meets Expectations Phrases

  • Knows how well to convince others to buy into ideas and views.
  • Demonstrates good emotional control while under stress, chaos or pressure.
  • Engages in constructive arguments and is ready to stand by what is right.
  • Always makes those around to feel important, cared for, and appreciated.
  • Always willing to seek advice when need be and implements those that are beneficial.
  • Always diplomatic and tries to find ways to resolve any form of impasses or conflict.
  • Knows how to pool resources together for a good cause to benefit people.
  • Knows how to capture people's attention when engaging them in any conversation.
  • Takes matters into own hands and ensures that the people she leads are comfortable.
  • Demonstrates good negotiations skills to arrive at beneficial and amicable agreements.

Political Skills: Needs Improvement Phrases

  • Maintains relationships that are not built on openness and honesty.
  • Openly criticizes those people who are around and does not appreciate them.
  • Does not show any form of leadership skills and does not lead people in the right way.
  • Always speaks fast and quick without even taking the time to think critically.
  • Does not communicate in a very logical way and people find it had to understand what is being said.
  • Does not know how to persuade people into buying into ideas and views.
  • Is not willing to listen to what other people have to say and to incorporate new ideas.
  • Does not build good and beneficial relationships with other people.
  • Does not know how to keep a cool head when things get out of control.
  • Displays poor crisis management skills and abilities and is not decisive when making decisions.

Political Skills: Self Evaluation Questions

  • How well do you convince others to buy into your ideas and in what you believe?
  • Do you rate your relationships beneficial or non-beneficial and explain why?
  • How do you handle any form of crisis when it arises and how can you rate yourself in term of handling any crisis?
  • How well do you express your ideas to people and how do they take it?
  • Are you always alert to the social situations that happen around you and how do you deal with it?
  • Do you normally get to assess and think critically of any issue before responding to it?
  • Give an instance you made a hurried decision and what was the impact?
  • How well do you give and receive constructive feedback from those around you?
  • Do you undermine those who are around you or do you build and appreciate them?
  • How well do you relate to people and what can you say you have done for them to deserve their backing?

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