Check our compilation of the best questions with answers commonly used during an interview for an engineering role.

Top 11 Interview Questions and Answers for Engineers

Landing an engineering job is a dream come true for many. Following a job application, if you get shortlisted, the organization will most likely conduct a job interview to get the best candidate.

The interview is designed to test your qualities, technical skills, and competence in the job you applied to fill. Job interviews are hard most of the time, and require that you prepare well so as to be confident enough. These job interview questions and answers for engineers will help you prepare for the interview and ensure that you land your dream career. Feel free to modify the answers to suit your job skills and good luck landing your dream engineering job.

Technical expertise and job knowledge.

Describe the most challenging project you have handled before.

  • Outline a task you felt before and show that you have the ability to handle tough projects

What software have you used most in your plans?

  • Testing your know-how in the latest trends in engineering software. Give reasons why you prefer the software.

Which is the most important presentation or technical report you have written

  • Show the panel that you have handled significant reports and met such deadlines.

General job interview questions

Tell us a little about yourself

  • Provide a short history of yourself, and what you aim to achieve in the future

Why did you choose this company?

  • More about your values and how well you know the employer. Ensure you know the key figures in the enterprise.

What are your salary requirements?

  • Show the employer that you understand the pay rates for your job. Give a range instead of a precise figure

Where would you like to be in 5 years?

  • List your career goals and show the potential employer you are ready for long term commitment.

Personality questions

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

  • Focus on about three of your strengths, e.g., working well under pressure, team management. Include traits like accountability and integrity
  • Choose a single weakness carefully. Eg. Undue attention to detail.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

  • Describe two of your hobbies and how they help you become a better worker, e.g., exercising to stay fit.

How would you deal with a member of your team who is behaving inappropriately?

  • Show integrity by taking immediate action and also illustrate that you know the right channels to report

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