Urgency: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce.

Urgency is the speed that drives businesses fast in order to keep them from disconnecting from what they are aiming to achieve but pursue it with a sense of urgency.

Urgency: Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  • Handles the urgent matters first before dealing with other issues
  • Analyzes and then handles work according to priorities. The highly prioritized tasks are handled first.
  • Reports highly sensitive issues to the management and offers workable solutions.
  • Manages time well enough and ensures that all tasks are delivered before the deadline.
  • Responds to issues in a very swift manner and ensures that tasks are handled to completion.
  • Delegates work if necessary to other employees to ensure that it is completed on time.
  • Makes smart decisions with a lot of confidence and assertiveness.
  • Helps the workmates to accomplish urgent tasks before the deadline.
  • Responds well with great confidence and a positive mindset when there is more workload.
  • Exhibits a proactive approach when handling urgent tasks and projects.

Urgency: Meets Expectations Phrases

  • Willing to learn new methods of handling assigned duties with great pace and urgency.
  • Shows speed when working around the office and with other workmates.
  • Responds faster to emails and calls that require follow-ups or those seeking clarifications.
  • Keeps meetings short and to the point, while capturing key agendas.
  • Shows a great quality of changing tactics when something is not working.
  • Strives to find workable solutions to challenges being faced in the workplace.
  • Always focused when handling a particular task and ensures there is less distraction around.
  • Maintains a high level of discipline and confidentiality when handling tasks and projects.
  • Shows great optimism and determination to see through duties and projects.
  • Shows and maintains a calm, alert, and sober attitude when working under high pressure.

Urgency: Needs Improvement Phrases

  • Does not know how to prioritize the particular tasks assigned.
  • Always slow and unproductive when responding to the various office duties.
  • Does not prioritize delegating the assigned work to other colleagues.
  • Always late in handing over the tasks that have been assigned.
  • Tends to procrastinate work that is assigned leading to piling up of work.
  • Does not consult widely before undertaking any role that is assigned.
  • Finds great difficulties in managing time for the completion of a task.
  • Delivers work way past the deadline and does not explain reasons for that.
  • Not ready or is reluctant to adjust work schedule to assist in any other work that is assigned.
  • Finds it difficult to say no to extra work when there is more workload.

Urgency: Self Evaluation Questions

  • Is there a time you had been called to help in other urgent tasks?
  • How well do you prioritize and handle any work assigned to you?
  • How can you rate yourself regarding responding to work related duties?
  • Can you be willing to handle other duties that are not in your job description?
  • Have you at any time taken extra work when called upon by others?
  • How can you rate your level of response when it comes to handling work issues with urgency?
  • Is there a time you had to delegate tasks to your colleagues when it required urgency?
  • Have you worked overtime in a bid to finish any urgent matter? If yes, how was the feeling?
  • Do you always find it difficult to say no to extra work when you have enough to handle?
  • Have ever been late in submitting tasks and projects and what lessons did you learn?

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