Master the top employee evaluation comments that will motivate the employees to flourish.

Top 43 employee evaluation comments and phrases

Performance review is not fun at all and can be a struggle to most especially if you are trying to describe an employee's performance properly.  A performance evaluation reviews an employee;s attitude, skills and know-how of the job given.   During the appraisal process, the worker may hear both positive and negative feedback about their work.  The supervisor will always praise the employee's strong areas as well as identify areas for improvement.  During this review process, it is important that things are laid out open to ensure authentic relationships are created.  With such relationships, issues of any kind are addressed faster and easily. 

Employee evaluation comments and phrases


  • Adjusts well to change in the workplace
  • Maintains good customer relations even while under stress
  • Exceeds the requirements
  • Requires no supervision in their work
  • Thinks and acts independently even under unexpected occurrences.
  • Looks for ways to improve efficiency
  • Sets priorities and adjusts them as required or as the need arises.


  • Excels at developing strategies that will deliver great results
  • Achieves optimal levels of performance in the area placed.
  • Provides strong evidence of accomplishment
  • Improves production to reap an outstanding profit


  • Develops successful administrative strategies that lead to company growth.
  • Continuously examines the administrative effectiveness and seeks better procedures.
  • Improves the administrative support system through keen administration.
  • Keeps all the documents well organized and confidential to avoid loss or leakage of important information.


  • Understands the right time to ask questions and when to seek counsel
  • Adapts easily to new processes and systems to improve knowledge, skills and abilities. 

Communication skills

  • Effectively communicates expectations
  • Excellence in facilitating group discussions
  • Effectively communicates both upwards and downwards in an authentic relationship.
  • Enforces company policies and values without any negative reactions.


  • Provides continuous training
  • Gives the required support and guidance to the staff
  • Portrays a sincere interest in other employees and their problems
  • Shares employees concerns, problems and opportunities creating an open ground. 
  • Uses sound coaching methods to solve disciplinary problems.


  • Shares ideas and techniques
  • Builds a strong relationship with others
  • Creates and displays a harmonious and cooperative spirit with other workers.
  • Shares expertise gladly.


  • Clever and imaginative when met by obstacles
  • Continuously experimenting with new mechanisms to drive the company.
  • Initiates and executes new ideas
  • Seeks creative alternatives that bear much fruit
  • Seeks out new ideas and approaches

Interpersonal skills

  • Establishes effective working relationships
  • Recognizes the need of others and reaches out to help them
  • Creates a synergy to help everyone merge and work well
  • Promotes the company culture among the peers and management
  • Builds a mutual dependence and understanding

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