Check these questions and answers and apply them to prepare for the coming appraisal survey

12 helpful employee Appraisal Questions and Answers

The manager may perform a performance evaluation once a year or in the mid-year by the company policy.  Performance Reviews will assist the employee to perform and the manager in personal and career development. Although the performance appraisal may be done to evaluate the performance of the employee, the Employee assessment questions and answers show not focus on the employee but the roles of the employee towards the organization and the behavior.

Knowing how to answer assessment question will help you prepare on what you expect. Giving honest answers will assist the manager to have a clear insight of how you tackle your problems and will show how committed as well as diligence you are at your work. The question asked during performance appraisal should be straightforward and short. Here are the top Employee evaluation questions and answers

The organization works

  • Q: What are your goals?

A: the company set higher goals, that is, to increase the productivity by 20%. The employee has managed to increase the production by 13%, and we aim to have accomplished the goals before annual reviews.

  • Q: What workload do you receive?

A: The task delegation is according to how fast the employee works. The employee consistently puts long hours on work issued to them.

  • Q: Describe the quantity of work you perform?

A: the amount of work employee produce is according to standards. They input long hours working on the tasks

  • Q: Do the employees handle the tasks accurately and produce Quality work?

A: Precision and quality work is the key motto of the employee. Provide high-quality results.

Job knowledge

  • Q: Do you understand your roles?

A: I have complete understanding of my roles to the company

  • Q: Are you aware of how you job to contribute to the overall job performance?

A: The manager assists us to understand how we contribute to the company success.

  • Q: Do you have the equipment to perform your tasks?

A: The employee has the tools to perform high standard jobs.

  • Q: Do your skills match your job?

A: The delegation of the task is according to expertise and competencies.

Personal development

  • Q: Does the manager provide training?

A: The manager provides training and workshop according to tools.

  • Q: Do you receive benefits?

A: The Company provides benefits that are comparable to other organization.

  • Q: Work life and personal life?

A: The organization assists the employee to balance work and personal life.

  • Q: Is the company policy fair?

A: The Company has set good policy and a winning culture.

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