Employers need to know the right comments to use for both negative and positive reviews when assessing their employees for initiative skills. How do you reflect your employees’ initiative skills without being reckless? While reviewing initiative, the lookout is on the employees' ability to come up with ideas, processes and tasks. You can take different approaches as long as you pass the intended message effectively. Here is a list of examples of comments for employee review comment initiative:

Need for supervision

  1. Negative- Jane cannot complete a task exhaustively without close supervision.
  2. Positive- Jake completes his tasks on time and successfully
  3. Positive- Jude does not wait to be told what to do
  4. Negative- Theophilus fails to meet timeframes when nobody supervises him
  5. Positive- Judith has a high sense of responsibility when carrying out tasks


  1. Positive- James takes responsibility for his actions
  2. Negative- Jane does not like criticism even when it is necessary
  3. Positive- Drake ensures that he completes the assignments allocated to him effectively
  4. Negative- Julius fails to be accountable to his team’s responsibilities
  5. Negative- Nathan blames others for everything


  1. Positive- Paul seeks and implements new ideas
  2. Negative- Grace does not welcome new changes lightly
  3. Positive- Gregory makes the most of new ideas and shares his ideas as well
  4. Negative- Scott cannot develop since he keeps churning new ideas
  5. Positive- Emily offers innovative solutions for the good of the company

Urge for improvement

  1. Positive- Monica depicts a positive attitude towards improvement.
  2. Negative- Miriam seems complacent with her performance
  3. Positive – Jade makes time for personal –career development
  4. Positive- Eva participates actively in the company’s training and development activities
  5. Negative- Lisa performs poorly and does not depict any sign for improvement

Job knowledge

  1. Positive- Jake shows high level of knowledge and experience about his job
  2. Negative- Edward fails on most of his tasks
  3. Positive- Gerald handles crises effectively without creating further problems
  4. Positive- Linus understands the company’s goals and objectives
  5. Negative- Stacy fails to utilize the knowledge she has in her job


  1. Positive- June is always enthusiastic in her work
  2. Negative- Maria seems distracted when carrying out tasks
  3. Positive- Jade encourages other employees to achieve the organization’s goals
  4. Negative- Mary shows up to work late and without apologies
  5. Negative- Billy can hardly complete a task effectively

Readiness to work

  1. Positive- Eve is ready to take new tasks
  2. Positive- Joseph asks for new tasks when he finishes the assigned responsibilities
  3. Negative- Emily can linger on a task for sometime and does not ask questions when necessary
  4. Negative- Bruno takes more time than necessary on a single task
  5. Positive- Kim uses innovative ways to complete her tasks in time

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