Apparently, for a business to remain competitive and profitable, it has not to only to offer great products or services to their customers, but also have a workforce that is dedicated and reliable. Coming up with employee appraisal phrases can be an ideal way of gaining employee?s dedication and loyalty. Effective use of employee appraisal phrases can help companies to give particular attention to their employees? expertise, knowledge, and skills.

Unfortunately, the process of coming up with the right phrases to describe every employee in every performance appraisal category can be challenging. However, with the right information, coming up with employee evaluation phrases should be plain sailing.

Formulating Employee Appraisal Phrases

Getting started is the first challenge managers have to overcome when coming up with employee appraisal phrases. Often, managers find themselves overwhelmed by the need to come up with a document that will have a lasting impact on their workforce. Creating unique thoughts and finding the best way to critique without being taken the wrong way are some of the other challenges of drafting appraisal phrases. However, to master the art of formulating effective employee appraisal phrases, managers have to know how to offer constructive criticism without leaving behind motivation.

Formulating employee appraisal phrases should be a process that is fact-based. It should be an honest and measurement-oriented evaluation. Employee appraisal should be based more on performance as opposed to personality. Additionally, it is important that the appraisal phrases not only focuses on the employees? expertise and knowledge but also on the ways in which employees employ these factors to improve their productivity.

Finding the right words for the appraisal is very critical. The tone should be very balanced. Managers should avoid coming out as being too negative, as it might deny then the chance of creating a positive work relationship with their employee. The phrases should inject new energy and fresh insight to the workforce.

Sample of an Employee Appraisal Phrase of a Good Employee

Sebah is a reliable worker that strives to cultivate a culture of honest and open communication. He demonstrates impressive level-headedness and engages appropriately. He always arrives on time, readily prepared to undertake his responsibilities.

Sample an Employee Appraisal Phrase of an Employee That Needs to Improve

Sebah is an agreeable employee. However, when he is upset, his attitude can be quite disagreeable. Sebah needs to balance his personality so that he can engage positively even when in disagreement.


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