Create a 90 days employee review with our how to steps and examples.

Employee 90 day review sample

The first 90 days for any new employee are imperative as they showcase what type of an employee he/she can make. These first 90 days are the determinants of a permanent position in the respective organization. Most companies tend to keep the newbies on a temporary contract until the first 90 days are reviewed and agreed upon. It is for this reason that the newbies ought to remain faithful to the end to be entrusted.

Sample of a 90-day review form

90-day Performance Review Form - (To be completed by the manager)

  • Employee Name: [...]
  • Department: [...]
  • Date: [...]
  • Department: [...]
  • Title: [...]
  • Evaluation period from: [...]
  • To: [...]
  • Evaluator's Name and Title: [...]

(The comments should either be Good, Fair, Superior, and Unacceptable.)

Client service skills
What is the employee's ability to develop a business relationship with the clients? What is the employee's ability to listen and understand the customer's needs? What is the employee's ability to participate and provide a satisfactory solution that the client needs?

Team Work Skills
What is the relationship status of this employee and his co-workers? What is the employee's ability to learn and develop relationships with her colleagues that contribute to group solutions? What amount of effort does he put into seeing the company become a better place to work for everyone?

Quality of work
What is the value of work that this employee produces? How accurate and thorough is the work the employee provides? What is the employee's ability to work under pressure and learn positive lessons from the previous mistakes made?

Quantity of work
What is the volume of work the employee produces? Is the amount of the work accurate and acceptable? What is the employee's ability to work at quick rates of speed while under pressure yet produce the quality outcome?

Judgment and decision-making
What is the employee's ability to think logically and make practical decisions?  Is the employee able to use independent thoughts to reason out a sound decision that can save the company?  What is the employee's ability to prioritize work and timely implement workable solutions to any problem that may arise?  How well is he able to keep the company's information confidential?

Initiative comments
What is the employee's demonstrated willingness in tasks that are not directly connected to his job description? What is his ability to initiate projects and attempt non-routine jobs? Is the employee able to work without any supervision?

Overall comments: [...]


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