Find out how to write an employee appreciation day sample letter and check out a sample.

Free employee appreciation day sample letter

There are multiple ideas for making your company’s appreciation day meaningful and memorable. One inexpensive idea is the employee appreciation day letter. While this might appear like a simple task, it needs tactic and creativity to make it purposeful. Remember that through the letter your intention is to recognize and appreciate the efforts of your employees. How do go about it? Fortunately, it does not have to be a nightmare, since there are sample letters online. You can also learn how to write one below:

What constitutes appreciation day letter?

  1. Name of the employee and the department.
  2. General appreciation of their work- Here you should make the employee understand the intent of your letter. Let them know that you are using the letter to appreciate their work and contributions. For example, if they work in a team and they achieved tremendous results, recognize the employee’s individual contributions to the team’s success.
  3. Then, take time to appreciate them as individual workers. Tell them you are aware of their dedication and hard work.
  4. Mention that beside the department, the entire company’s management knows about their performance. This will make them more motivated when they know that their contributions to the company are highly valued.
  5. Encourage the employees to go on with the good work in future and give them best wishes.

Employee appreciation day letter sample


Name (Of the employee)

Name of the department,


Dear Mr. /Miss (Name of the person)

I on behalf of Sales Department (Department Name) appreciate you and your crew on the commitment and dedication in handling this year marketing campaign effectively. I was pleased by the team’s cooperation and the individual contributions, which were injected into the campaign. I personally thank you for being a part of the team and for attaining the goals. It was completed effectively with your assistance. I recognize all the hard work and dedication, which you put into the campaign.

We sincerely recognize and appreciate your role in the success of the marketing campaign. We hope that you continue with the same spirit in the future. We are aware of your individual contribution, which drove the success of the campaign.

On behalf of the management of the company, we want you to know that we really appreciate your commitment and hard work. We thank you for doing your best for the good of the company.

With best wishes,


Name of the head of the department & signature


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