Whether you are recruiting a single employee or a number of them, presenting a well-organized new-hire packet can bring gains to your business. Usually, hiring packets offer a comprehensive introduction to the company’s culture and sets the course for effective onboarding process. You need the right new hire packet template. Here is an example of new hire packet with the key items listed:

Welcome letter

  1. Letterhead- This introduces the employee to the company
  2. Brief intro of the organization- Include everything there is to know about your company such as the culture, mission statement, vision statement, any historical information, goals and organizational structure but make it brief.
  3. Appreciation- Appreciate the employees for choosing your company.
  4. Contacts for the HR- To allow them to ask questions and seek guidance, provide HR contacts.
  5. Signature- Complete the letter with a thank you and a signature.

Form for the employee’s information

  1. Email address- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Emergency contacts- This can be a home phone number, which you can call if the employee gets sick or is involved in an occupational accident.
  3. Birthday- You can use it to send birthday card later on as part of employee appreciation program.
  4. Special health needs- This will enable you to protect the employee from falling sick at work or develop a pro-active approach to their special health requirements.

Direct deposit and tax forms

Some of the forms you should include in the package include:

  1. Form W-4
  2. Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate
  3. Employment eligibility verification- This ascertains whether the employee is allowed to work in the country such as in the United States.
  4. Form 1-9
  5. The authorization form for direct tax deposits.

Handbook for the employee

  1. Employment policies- It should contain the employment policies as adopted by the organization and what is expected of the employee.
  2. Company policies- All the existing company policies should be listed in the employee handbook.
  3. Access to harassment training- Let them know where they can access training on various kinds of harassment at the workplace including sexual harassment.
  4. Safety training- It should also encompass safety training depending on the nature of the job.

Retirement and benefit and insurance details

  1. Overview of benefit plans- Give an overview of all benefit plans. They can be onsite wellness services, discounts, and others.
  2. Available retirement plans- How they will contribute to the retirement savings’ pool.
  3. Insurance plans- These can include health and safety plans among others.

Directory of the organization

  1. Names of departmental heads- Name all the heads from marketing to human resources.
  2. Email addresses of the heads- Provide the official email addresses of the departmental heads.
  3. Telephone extensions of each of them- These are the extensions of the company’s main phone contact.

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