Top 29 Employee recognition activities

Recognition of employees is important to all organizations. It makes an employee feel proud and feels that their presence appreciated within the firm. Recognized employees tend to be more concerned with their work hence portraying better performance. Recognition often reduces the rate of turnover by employees and attract new hires. Recognition feels good and right more so to employees they will always be enthusiastic when performing their job duties.

Recognition also acts as a motivator to employees. Without employees an organization cannot achieve its goals and objectives it is therefore important to appreciate employees for the work that they do. Here are some employee recognition activities that managers need to incorporate in their firms.


  • Make it formal - give the best employee a certificate of achievement
  • Name the room- call the office in respect to their names
  • Publicity-let it goes public on the employee of the month
  • Awards – give the best employee a trophy
  • Feature the employees in the firm magazine- let them be known
  • Appreciate employees in the company’s website-let they feel valued

Working condition

  • Flexibility- allow them to have flexible schedules they can even work from home
  • Reduce the monotony- decorate their desks with new appealing flowers
  • Improve the working area- replace old furniture with new ones
  • Bring in a motivator- start the day with some inspiration and motivation
  • Recognize what they love- let them do what they love
  • Know their talents and strengths- reinforce their abilities


  • Cater for the employees’ dinner- have dinner together as you get to know each other
  • Bring in a surprise party- have the party in the office to show appreciation
  • Take them for tour- buy them tickets and take them out
  • Celebrate their personal achievements- recognize them by upholding their achievements
  • Celebrate their birthdays- celebrate personal life.
  • Encourage gamification- break up the boredom and initiate some fun

Employees’ welfare

  • Reduce their stress- let them ditch out a task that is stressful
  • Encourage feedback- know how they feel about your organization
  • Invest in their training- enhance their abilities and skills
  • Support them with their personal development- guide them on how to achieve their goals
  • Offer mentorship-offer to coach the employees that need appreciation


  • Offer promotions- give promotions to employees who deserve it
  • Compensation- raise your employees’ salaries
  • Bonuses- appreciate your employees with a gift token
  • Benefits- increase the benefits offered by the organization
  • Impromptu awards- provide random awards to the employees
  • Incentives- Reward them appropriately

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