Managers take the challenging task of ensuring that the company goals are met by developing strategies and plans as well as motivating and leading employees. It is common to expect recognition always to come from them. However, managers also need recognition to motivate them in executing their duties. They need to be appreciated for their leadership, the inspiration to others, mentoring, encouragement and caring. Below are some recognition quotes for managers that you can use to inspire, encourage and motivate.

Inspiration quotes

Believing in a person is the greatest gift you can give.

You can never run out of recognition. It is not a scarce resource.

Humans crave to be appreciated.

You can achieve anything if you believe it.

To do something worthwhile, you need to overcome adversity.

Motivation quotes

Motivation comes from within. If you depend on outside motivation, it only lasts for a while.

The greatest motivator is recognition.

The motivation of an employee is directly related to his interactions with the manager.

Motivation is just like bathing. Both do not last, and that is why they are needed every day.

Management is motivating your employees.

Leadership quotes

Treat an employee the way he is and he will remain that way. However, if you treat him the way he should be, he will be the way he should be.

Appreciative leadership is the ability to see the best in the employees you are leading.

The best manager is the one who chooses the best people to perform a task and doesn’t meddle when they are doing it.

Always take the time to make your employees feel appreciated. They need it.

Spending time with your employees is a powerful recognition method. Seek their feedback and opinion and you will notice their increased openness and morale.

Recognition quotes from employees

With your leadership, we have climbed high heights. I am grateful for your enduring support.

Your mentorship, praise, and appraisal make working under you to be a real satisfaction.

I will always treasure working under you because it is an honor.

You convert our skills into strength and mistakes to lessons with your immense ability to get the best out of us.

Your appreciation compliments and improvement comments inspire me to be a better employee.

Recognizing employees quotes

Treat employees just as you would want them to treat your clients.

To succeed as a business, you need to start with your employees.

Employees will always go an extra mile if they are praised and recognized.

People hunger more for appreciation and love than they hunger for food.

Employees are more productive if they believe that the management genuinely cares about them as individuals not just as employees.

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