Check out our post on employee appreciation day and find gift ideas that will suit your company and workers.

Employee Appreciation Day: 34 Unique gift ideas

Employees play an important part in your business. It is not the product or the services that you offer as on organization make you’ successful, but the people who make them. Employee appreciation day is fall on March 4th, and it’s your responsibility as a manager to make this day memorable by adding some fresh gift ideas. Appreciation day is a perfect day to show your staff how much you appreciate their hard work and commitment to the company.

Employees who are recognition lead to satisfaction at the workplace, boost their morale, increase productivity, and reduce the rate of turnover. No matter the role and the services of the organization don’t let this day be like another typical day at work. Here are employee appreciation day gift ideas that will freshen your company on the appreciation day.

Inexpensive ideas

  • A simple thank you note to the employee will do the trick.
  • Hang the picture of the employee on the wall of fame.
  • Allow flexibility in the workplace.
  • Pass a day off to the employee.
  • Send an email to everyone appreciating them.
  • A sticky note with a thank you message.
  • Public recognition in a meeting.

Classic gifts

  • Surprise the employee with a bunch of flowers.
  • Create a video featuring the employee saying thank you.
  • Feature the image of your employee in the company’s newsletter.
  • A vacation day with the family.
  • Gift the employee with jersey shaft of their favorite team with their name on them.
  • Supply the employee with home appliances.

Entertainment gifts

  • Buy the employees movie tickets
  • Pay a band to perform on the appreciation day.
  • Celebrate personal anniversaries such as a birthday.
  • Buy the employees a brag board.
  • Gift the employees with concert tickets.

Food Gifts

  • Throw a pizza party to all your staffs
  • Invite the employee to a dinner party at their favorite hotel.
  • Provide snacks at the working place.
  • Celebrate the day with a yummy cake.
  • Carter the employees' breakfast or lunch.
  • Company picnic baskets full of goodies.

Organisation Gifts

  • Tag the office with the employees’ name.
  • Invest in the personal employee career.
  • Provide training to the employee.
  • Give the employee a personalized trophy.
  • Provide the employee with new furniture.

Team Gifts.

  • Let them brainstorm a project.
  • Have the group travel to the national appreciation celebration day.
  • Participation in charity events.
  • Have a family day at the workplace.
  • Invite a therapist to give the employee a massage.
  • Provide Conferences and webinars to the employee.

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