Implement these useful employee recognition statements for your a successful recognition session

30 Useful employee recognition statements

Statistics have been released indicating that half of the employees leave their jobs if they are not being recognized. A little attention to your staff can go a long way in retaining them in your company. It has been verified that employees who receive praise always perform better. Appreciating your employees will go a long way in saving your organization from losing money through the hiring process. To help you figure out phrases that you could use on your recognition process, we have compiled some here below.

Employee Recognition Statements

  • You think and create fantastic ideas!
  • I am so fortunate to have a distinguished employee like you.
  • To be honest, I am proud of your talents.
  • What's the secret of your output? You are the best at it!
  • Your work ethic is enviable!
  • We just desired to let you know how much you mean to the team
  • How could we have operated without you?
  • Great! Excellent work!
  • Yo play on of the most crucial parts in this company's success
  • It's very obvious that you pay close attention to details.
  • Your schedule has been significantly busy of late, but I just want to tell you what great employee you are.
  • You are one of the awesome staff we have!
  • You always show initiative all the time.
  • Your work never ceases to amaze me
  • You are an integral part of this team!
  • It is incredible how much you do above your job description.
  • Your work always amazes me
  • You mean a lot to this company
  • Though things have been very crazy in the past few months, you have been crushing it so well.
  • Not everyone can be a creative thinker... but you are one!
  • You have a winner's attitude!
  • Your commitment and dedication contribute to our success.
  • Your personal commitment to excellence is obvious in everything you do.
  • Your dedication to seeing a project completed is second to none!
  • Your ability to identify and react to opportunity is ideal and results in success.
  • Your willingness fuels our mutual efforts as a company and leads us to success.
  • Very few people have your vision. Thank you for showing others a way forward.
  • You have the ability to accommodate others even when it's not deemed necessary or convenient making others feel at ease to talk to you.
  • You have created some of the best relationships in the workplace with all the people around you, keep it up!
  • The service you provided to every customer this year exceeded all expectations and guaranteed the company a continuing successful relationship!

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