Check out our employee appreciation theme ideas and apply them to color your day.

Employee Appreciation Theme . Top 32 novel Ideas

The organizations that have embraced high recognition strategies enjoy employee engagement and commitment at the workplace. Managers tend to show appreciation in various ways. They may practice gratitude daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly. Appreciation not only boosts the employee engagement but also motivate the employees to carry out their engagement activities.

On an appreciation day, plan the activities that are going to take place. Many employees throw a party and celebrate the employee achievement. However, if you have to continue with your daily organization activities, then the manager can incorporate Employee appreciation theme ideas that will not interfere with the productivity of the firm. But if you are in a holiday mood, throw a party to your employees. Check out the following Employee appreciation theme ideas for your employee recognition.


  • Let the employee play online games and other they like.
  • Create a round table and set a puzzle for the whole team.
  • Buy or create a trivia question and set prizes for the groups that wins.
  • Challenge employees with a puzzle and give a prize.
  • Play poker during employee breaks to encourage engagement.

Office Olympic Theme

  • Travel for winter Olympic Games
  • Hold a marathon and let employees and community to participate. Set prizes and trophies.
  • Compete with the neighboring organization on-field games.
  • Create different events for the different department such as athletics and soccer.
  • Have an art day and invite other organization.

Entertainment and fun themes

  • Play their favorite music during their work hour.
  • Let the employee do other activities than are work non-related
  • Hire, a band, to perform for the employees.
  • Have a no email day theme and let employee socialize.
  • Start a meeting with music.
  • Let employee watch a movie during the working hours.
  • Let the employees ditch tasks for that day.


  • Throw a party for the employees.
  • Allow the employee to wear different non-work costumes.
  • Celebrate personal achievements such as birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Music trivia and puzzles.

Food themes

  • Chinese and Mexican food for lunch.
  • Have the company picnic day give goodie bags to the employee.
  • Have a company dessert buffets and for the employees
  • Treat the staffs with colored plates.
  • Cover the table with a bright clothing.


  • Let the employee participate in a jar of the act of kindness.
  • Encourage peer to peer recognition.
  • Let the employees wear whatever they want to work.
  • Encourage jokes in the office as a way cheering up.
  • Have a vacation with your employees.
  • Encourage brainstorming of a project.

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