Employee performance reviews provide a platform where both the employee and the employer can benefit. The employee can understand their performance better and keep on doing the good while improving where it is required. The employer also gets a chance to understand how an employee performs. However, for the process to be successful, there is need to ask the right questions. While the answers may differ depending on an individual, below are some of these questions and their answers.

Which goals have you met /accomplishments

I enrolled and completed an advanced course that has helped to improve my performance.

I lead a team that completed a project successfully.

I was able to read informative books that have enabled me to have a broader view of business, its goals and how to achieve them.

Which skills did you use?

To perform effectively especially in managing a team I used interpersonal skills, project management skills, leadership skills and team building skills.

I have strong communication skills which I used to keep the team and the management updated on the progress of the project.

Which part of your job do you like most?

My favorite role is that of starting a project from scratch and seeing it succeed. Of course, I do this with the help of my team members.

I enjoy finding solutions to difficult situations.

What plans do you have with this job?

My plan is to have an outstanding performance that will contribute positively to the achievement of company goals.

I would like to advance to a management position. To achieve this, I enrolled in a management course, I attend seminars and read books on management issues. With these, I intend to be of better service to the company.

What strengths do you have in this job?

I have strong people managing skills, I am very organized, I take initiative, and I am willing to improve any areas that may be amiss.

Which areas do you feel you need to improve?

Based on previous evaluations, I have made big strides to improve on delegating. I still need to work on it to perfection since I realize it contributes immensely to the success of projects and that of the company.

What role did I play in your performance – hinder or make it better?

You have made my performance better with your timely guidance, appreciation, and feedback.

I have learned the areas I am doing well and those that I need to improve.

Which resources assist you in performing your role?

I have a great team of high performers who help in timely completion of projects. The office space is adequate and so is the furniture. However, my team and I need more computers and updated software.

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