Recognize the best employees with original ideas.

Employee Recognition top 12 Ideas

Employee recognition is one important aspect companies cannot afford to overlook. There are a million and one ideas out there on how to carry out the recognition process to make the employee feel well planned for. Don't get stuck with the old traditional methods of recognizing your employees, just adopt new modern methods that will leave them feeling important and well rewarded.

Top Ideas for employee recognition

  • Daily victory - Open a private chat account that will allow the staff to announce their success daily in case they land on a big client or make a huge profit.
  • Wall of fame - Set a small section of the wall to celebrate the excelling employees using their photos or pictures of their accomplishments. Display it where people can view it quickly.
  • Work /project plan - When you have some projects ready to be worked on, allow the employees to pick that which fits them making it easier for them to work on what they have picked.
  • Peer to peer recognition - Have the employees recognize and appreciate each other both physically and virtually.
  • Company Tee - Have the employees or teammates sign a business tee with thank you messages to the excelling employee to show appreciation.
  • Send an e-card - Besides that pat on the back, a normal hug or a simple high five, send them a card to their home to appreciate their efforts.
  • Small tokens - Small tokens of appreciation handed out each employer goes out of their way to do something great for the company are a sure way to recognize and motivate them to become even better.
  • A creative day out - Allow your employees to pick their favorite projects and work on them half a day or the entire day. The top ideas that emerge from this platform are to be recognized and endorsed.
  • Transport assistance - whether in the form of cash or fuel cards, your employee will appreciate the support to make their transportation easier.
  • Get a smile box - it allows the employees put in a smile anytime something positive happens. Whoever with the most by the end of the week is rewarded.
  • Post sign - Post a big colorful sign of the nest employee at the entry and maybe add their photo for appreciation from the other employees.
  • Go public - Read letters or emails from satisfied customers who have been served by the particular employee you are recognizing.

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