Communicate effectively with your employees using these top performance appraisal phrases.

Performance appraisal phrases: 19 key communication examples

Communication skills are critical in the given market conditions. The significant effect of globalization is that it has made the companies, firms, and organizations to communicate and interact more with their customers, suppliers and every other member of the supply chain. To be able to communicate effectively with the other officers of the supply chain, it is essential to have a reliable and thorough communication among the employees of the organization.

The most important role in establishing healthy and productive communication is played by the managers or the immediate bosses down the hierarchy of the organization. The managers interact more with the employees compared to the executives. Therefore, it is important that the managers utilize their performance appraisals in a manner that helps and at the same time motivates their employees into achieving the organizational goals and objectives.

Following are some of the example phrases that could be used by managers while appraising their employees:

Communication - Positive performance appraisal phrases

John has strong command on his verbal and language skills.

Allison can effectively communicate with others.

James uses his communication techniques well to interact with customers and employees.

Polly excels in getting in touch with her project’s team members.

Sally creates a very friendly and open environment among her co-workers.

Ellen bonds well with her division using her language skills.

Rick maintains consistent interaction with her employees.

Lisa has an excellent command over the choice of words.

Carl is open to express his ideas and opinions that help his co-workers and employees.

Jenny is an excellent communicator; he bonds well his project’s managers and workers.

Communication - Negative performance appraisal phrases

Sam lacks the basic communication skills that are necessary for his description.

Ryan needs to be able to communicate with his workers more frequently.

James is shy which hampers his ability to bond with his employees.

John has a very clear vision. However, he fails to transfer it efficiently to his workers.

Jenny’s message is, most of the times, misinterpreted by her workers.

Steve needs to communicate with his team more effectively.

Alice could improve her performance by developing basic communication skills.

Ron fails to communicate his deadlines and schedules effectively.

Sammy should interact with his customers more.

Shane is a hard worker but often is reluctant in sharing his ideas and work with others.

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