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Employee Performance feedback form

A performance feedback form is designed to enable an ongoing dialogue between the employee and the supervisor. It is a helpful document as it provides an opportunity to give feedback. It is also used to clarify job responsibilities and the expectations. The employee through the performance feedback form updates the employer of the progress he/she is making towards the expectations. Feedback from both parties becomes smooth without any party being surprised at the details. Areas that supervisors need to familiarize themselves with are teamwork, decision-making, effort, initiative, creativity, cooperation, supervision and any relevant areas the director may deem fit. The performance feedback form may be used as often as the organization wants.

Discussing the performance feedback

Ensure that your meeting is not distracted or interrupted by others, schedule it before to ensure it is held in private without interruption. Schedule enough time for discussion. The supervisor and the employee should fill in their respective sections in advance to allow a smooth review collaboratively. Emphasize the areas that need improvement and be very honest with your comments keeping them positive. Develop a very definite plan and timelines for examining the progress made towards the goals set for the coming period/year. At the end of your discussion, submit a completed and signed copy of the Performance feedback form to the Human Resources within 14 days of the meeting. Make a copy for the employee and the supervisor's too for future records. The performance feedback is part of the employee's personnel file and should be maintained to compare reviews from time to time.

An example of an employee performance feedback form

Employee Performance Feedback Form
Employee's name [...]
Job Title/position/department [...]
Supervisor's name [...]
Date of review meeting [...]
Starting date in the current position [...]
Term of employment [...]
Current department [...]
Set targets/goals [...]
Accomplishments and strengths [...]
Areas of development from the employee [...]
Areas of development from the supervisor [...]
Employee goals for the next period/year [...]
Training needs from the employer [...]
Training requirements from the employee [...]
Work Environment
What do you like and dislike about your working environment in your department? [...]
What elements of your job do you find most challenging? [...]
What areas of your job do you find interesting? [...]
What would you like to see changed/adjusted? [...]
Employee comments [...]
Supervisor comments [...]
Employee signature [...] date [...]
Supervisor's signature [...] date [...]
Director's signature [...] date [...]
Distribution copies
To the Human Resource Department [...]
To the supervisor [...]
To the employee [...]


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