Discover the top 25 performance comments that can be used in evaluating managers.

Top 25 performance comments for managers

Performance reviews are not only conducted on employees but on managers as well. Their seniors such as managing director or CEO often do these assessments. Just as in the employee performance evaluation, different criteria are used to assess the performance of managers. They can include but not limited to customer service, leadership abilities, team management, communication, creativity, and innovation. It is important to use appropriate comments, to provide feedback to the managers. Here are sample performance evaluation comments for managers.

Leadership abilities and competencies

  1. High capability in directing the staff and providing feedback.
  2. Delegates work according to company’s policy and departmental procedures.
  3. Provides supervision but allows employees to have a certain level of autonomy in tasks they are allocated.
  4. Sets realistic expectations for their staff.
  5. Provides practical schedules to ensure efficiency.

Team management

  1. Recognizes individual capabilities of the team.
  2. Engages the team in developing measurable and practical goals.
  3. Supports and encourage teams to remain focused on their goals.
  4. Appreciates positive feedback and strives to correct mistakes and failures.
  5. Attempts to create a team-enabling environment for all employees.

Creativity and innovation

  1. Utilizes training opportunities to harness creative individuals in the organizations.
  2. Encourages employees to contribute ideas, which they think would improve operations in the company.
  3. Provides opportunities for staff to identify and apply their talents.
  4. Listens to employees’ innovative ideas, and advises them on how to align the perspectives with the organizations’ goals.
  5. Creates an environment where the staff is motivated to learning, and developing new skills.


  1. Communicates with the staff members effectively.
  2. Practices an open-book leadership, where every employee is encouraged to approach the leader when they have an issue.
  3. Receives and offers feedback to employees- An ideal leader should be ready to receive feedback and respond to their employees.
  4. Makes employees understand the financial goals of the organization, to motivate them towards goal achievement.
  5. Utilizes both the vertical and horizontal models of communication in workplace environments to gather feedback.

Customer service

  1. Handles clients/customers warmly and with a professional demeanor.
  2. Responds to customers in real time - Uses the available platforms to reach customers who require a manager to talk to them.
  3. Always finds time to offer appointments to clients.
  4. Prioritizes customers, and encourages employees to do the same.
  5. Offers training programs to employees especially those working in the sales department.

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