Learn about the top 25 employee comments including feedback to manager that you can use.

Top 25 employee comments including feedback to manager

Performance reviews are not all about receiving feedback from employers, about your performance. On the contrary, you can take advantage of this time to express to your goals to your manager. Tell them how you would wish to contribute to the growth of the organization, since you are a member of the team. Below are examples of employee comments including feedback to the manager.

What makes you happy?

  1. I love the company’s policy on benefits and allowances. However, I would wish if the company could reduce the time within which a new employer can own shares in the company.
  2. I like working in teams. I am able to express my ideas well in teamwork than when I am handling individual assignments
  3. I do appreciate the latest improvement on the lobby, but I wish the company would do the same in the staff break room.
  4. Over the years I have worked in the organization, I have loved the culture of holding meetings on Mondays and Fridays.
  5. The company’s recognition program is outstanding. However, it would be best if the company came up with employee appreciation programs, which encompass all the employees.

How you want to develop

  1. I often have issues working in teams. I, therefore, plan to enroll in a teambuilding course early next year.
  2. As the manager of the sales department, I feel that I can benefit from peer-learning or brainstorming sessions, which involve employees within the same level but serving varying departments.
  3. I believe I would be more productive if I furthered my skills in the area of machine operation. It would help me to improve efficiency and safety.
  4. I have plans to further my academic qualifications if I am allowed time to do so.
  5. I believe that by moving into the position of sales department manager, I will be able to improve sales substantially.

Plans for the future

  1. I plan to improve my sales targets by 30% in the future and improve lead conversion.
  2. In future, I plan to focus more on customer follow up, to improve customer onboarding process.
  3. I believe that if the company established subsidiaries in Asian countries, they will tap into the booming market.
  4. I recommend for differentiation of the company’s products to prevail in the highly competitive business environment.
  5. In the future, I would suggest that the company should implement employee appreciation ideas such as appreciation week among others.

Practices and new tools to adopt

  1. The advancement in technology has led to the development of paperless technology. It is about time the company implemented a paper-less approach across all departments.
  2. For a while now, the company has been using the old billing machine. It needs to be changed with any other advanced model that is available in the market.
  3. While the company has employed necessary security measures to guard the premises, adopting security networks, which eliminate the need for large security workforce will be beneficial.
  4. The company’s adoption of the surveillance cameras has improved worker efficiency and security.
  5. If there are adequate resources, the management should consider implementing a more efficient and secure way of accessing their offices and other important rooms in the premises.

What the manager needs removing

  1. It would be best if the manager used a more follower-centered approach to leadership.
  2. Many have abused the recent policy that allowed colleagues to review each other. Therefore, it should be removed.
  3. The introduction of snacks in the office was a great idea. However, sometimes the snacks are not enough for all employees. The company needs to order consistent number of snacks or eliminate the program all together.
  4. The policy that restricts employees to buy the company’s shares until they have worked for 10 years requires revision.
  5. The open office idea that was introduced earlier this year had good intentions. However, it has created room for laziness and gossip. Something should be done about this office layout.

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