Express your employee review using the following top employee review comments on communication.

Top 30 employee review comments: Communication

When employers are reviewing employees, one of the criteria they use is communication skills. It is important to use the appropriate comments to communicate to the employees about their competencies in this area. Fortunately, there are multiple employee evaluation comments communication examples, online. Below is a list of employee review comments you will find useful:

Verbal skills

  1. An excellent speaker who communicates effectively.
  2. Always concise and brief- Says more using fewer words.
  3. Contemplates their words before speaking, which avoids provoking conflicting reactions.
  4. Words do not come out audibly. The employee tends to mumble when giving presentations.
  5. Needs to work more on his listening skills. He talks more than he listens.

Written skills

  1. Takes a longtime to make a point.
  2. Tends to make profound grammatical errors and typos.
  3. A dependable person in producing professional reports and publications.
  4. Maintains email messages to the point.
  5. Have the most outstanding writing skills in the company, colleagues and team members find them resourceful.

Communication with fellow workers

  1. Communicates effectively with co-workers especially in team-based assignments.
  2. Shows no empathy when expressing opinions, hence, hurting the feelings of others.
  3. Colleagues feel comfortable communicating to them, due to their exceptional listening skills.
  4. Have good relations with their colleagues.
  5. Very open and social, co-workers say that the employee is friendly.

Communication to seniors/supervisors

  1. Asks for clarification from their supervisor when need be.
  2. Communicates change of plans to their seniors in a timely manner.
  3. Requires improving on her communication skills. The employee has been involved in conflicts with her seniors severally.
  4. Does not take feedback positively- They should learn to utilize feedback from their supervisors to develop themselves.
  5. Have a good working relationship with their supervisors- They are able to communicate with their seniors without hesitance.

Communication of changes/ideas

  1. Is not able to articulate their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives effectively.
  2. High ability to communicate changes to colleagues.
  3. Have great ideas but he is not able to expound them for others to understand.
  4. Depicts great capability in explaining ideas.
  5. When communicating changes, the employee fails to prepare the group well for the information.

Communication to customers

  1. Most customers prefer the employee because of their excellent communication skills.
  2. Have surpassed their sales targets due to their communication abilities.
  3. Often, customers often complain that the employee is not able to articulate on product range and prices.
  4. Gives customers a warm welcome, and they are able to maintain an engaging conversation with them.
  5. Always ready to receive and give feedback to customers.

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