Express your gratitude to your well-performing employees with this employee appraisal sample letter.

Free employee appraisal sample letter

The best gift you can give to your employees is a well-written and positive employee appraisal letter. However, employees have a stake in ensuring that their performance levels warrant a good appraisal letter. If you have no idea on how to write the letter, you can rely on employee appraisal letter sample, which you can find online. It can take many forms, but there are some basics, which should be included. Below is a procedure for creating the letter and a sample appraisal letter from employer:

Writing an appraisal letter

An employee appraisal letter should be:

  1. Based on professionalism - It should be based on the performance and any other criteria but not on emotions. Just as its name suggests, it is written after a professional appraisal.
  2. Formal and polite tone - Notwithstanding the performance of the employee, the employer should ensure they remain formal. Find the best words to identify the weak points of the employee, without hurting their feelings
  3. Words used should reflect the employee’s performance - The employee should be able to understand the contents of the letter
  4. Include an overview of the performance criteria, rating scales totals and final comments
  5. Should be brief and concise - It should communicate to the employee effectively, but it should not be very wrong
  6. Signed by employer - The HR, who is in charge of the human resource affairs in the company usually writes and signs the letter

Employee appraisal letter sample


Mr. Leonard Thompson

Sales Representative

Gloria Travel Agencies Inc.


Date: (Preferably, the date the letter was written)


Hubert Ray

HR Manager

Gloria Travel Agencies

Sub: Performance Appraisal

Writing you this letter is an honor. Employees like you, who put utmost dedication, are indispensable in the organization. After a careful review of outstanding performance, the company has decided to grant you a pay rise of 25%. I have examined your performance card, and I have noted that you have consistently achieved your sales targets, and in some cases, you have surpassed the targets.

Your salary increment will be effective as from 5th of next month, and I am sending a copy of this performance appraisal letter to the payroll department to ensure immediate implementation. If you have any concerns regarding the payment increment, do not hesitate to meet me in the office.

I hope that you will continue putting sheer dedication and commitment in your work.

Yours Sincerely,

Hubert Ray

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