Discover some of the top employee comments on annual performance review that you can evaluate employees with.

Top 25 employee comments on annual performance review

Annually, employers conduct employee performance reviews. These assessments require one to have the right feedback to respond to different performance levels of their employees. It might seem to be a challenging task, but with employee comments on annual performance review examples, which have been tried before and availed by experts online, you can perform successful reviews. Here are examples of employee comments on annual performance review:

Customer care

  1. In the past 12 months, Terry has demonstrated great customer service. She goes beyond her duty to ensure customer satisfaction.
  2. Tony has shown a great ability in dealing with customer objections.
  3. Marion requires learning that the customer is the priority. Several complaints have been made by the customers against her.
  4. Yolanda is not able to remain assertive but respective when dealing with customers. Throughout the year, a few incidents where she has not been able to negotiate for the company have been reported.
  5. John needs to start following up customers in the last year.

Team building skills

  1. Terry’s effective cooperation with her teammates over the last year has enabled the company to sustain itself through a challenging acquisition process
  2. Jennifer has always tried to build a team enabling environment in the past 12 months
  3. In the last year, Jane has been able to create an environment, where people can contribute their ideas and thoughts without hesitance
  4. Gregory needs to work on his cooperation skills. In the past year, he has made others feel uncomfortable when talking to him
  5. Janet has not cooperated with her team members well over the year, which has led to evident productivity losses

Attendance and punctuality

  1. James has been a reliable and dependable person in his team over the last 12 months. He observes attendance and punctuality strictly
  2. Throughout the year, Charity came to work early and attended to all office meetings
  3. Aaron ensures that his teammates observe breaks and lunch schedules
  4. In the last 12 months, Jude has reported to work late at most days and leaves early as well. He needs to improve on punctuality
  5. Jane has not been observing the normal work schedule over the last 12 months

Job knowledge

  1. Sam has shown in many ways that he understands his job responsibilities
  2. Nelly has demonstrated a high level of knowledge and skills when carrying out her tasks
  3. Kate always keeps up with the latest trends in her field. Over the last year, she has taken several training courses, which she paid herself
  4. Job has not shown even the basic knowledge that is demanded by his entry level position
  5. In most times, Brian fails to produce standard work


  1. Sally has used her innate ability to communicate complex issues to the team over the year. She has made the company and the team passes through difficult times effortlessly.
  2. In the past 12 months, Keith has demonstrated her ability to communicate change of plans to her colleagues effectively.
  3. Mary needs to work on her engaging skills. Over the year, she has not engaged her team but only provides information.
  4. Terry needs to improve on her ability to receive and handle feedback from others appropriately.
  5. George should understand that communicating with his teammates is necessary for the team’s success. In the last year, he has been isolating himself from his team members mostly.

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