Evaluating employees is an important aspect of any organization. It is important to assess the performance of your staff based on various parameters such as communication skills, planning, punctuality and dependability among others. Performance evaluation sheds light on how the employees are contributing towards the achievement of company goals by assessing their performance. But, you need to find the appropriate comments for each parameter, to ensure you convey the intended message properly without being misunderstood. Below is a comprehensive list of employee performance evaluation examples:


  1. This year Shirleen has done an exemplary job by cooperating with her colleagues.
  2. Heather portrays a positive attitude when working with his team members.
  3. The secret to Herman’s success in management is his team building skills.
  4. Gerald can create a work environment where everybody can share their ideas.
  5. Kevin needs to work on his cooperation skills.

Innovation and creativity

  1. Gabriel demonstrates how his innovation and creativity contributes to the overall company’s performance.
  2. Shane always initiates creative procedures to provide solutions for his team’s problems.
  3. John has a way of going around obstacles and emerging successful.
  4. Helen creates an environment that does not welcome creativity and innovation.
  5. Lillian hesitates to implement new ideas.


  1. An outstanding skill that Candy has is her ability to communicate issues that are rather complex.
  2. Grace has an excellent way of communicating changes to the employees.
  3. Jim’s owes his exemplary performance to positive feedback.
  4. Jude needs to improve his tone of communication to make it easier for his team members to converse with him easily.
  5. Ted tends to keep some information from his team members.

Teamwork skills

  1. Brian is effective in creating a functional team environment.
  2. June treats her team members with respect, and she is respected in turn.
  3. Helen is an excellent team leader and ensures that every team member feels indispensable.
  4. Sean gives himself credit for his team’s success.
  5. Brett develops a work environment that discourages empowerment.

Problem-solving skills

  1. Heron is very effective in problem solving and overcomes challenges fast.
  2. Jane always solves problems before they escalate.
  3. Eve takes a pro-active approach to issues.
  4. Frank is very effective in describing a problem, but he is not able to provide solutions.
  5. Pete often becomes overwhelmed when faced with challenges.

Customer satisfaction

  1. Aaron goes beyond the company’s expectations to please his customers.
  2. James works with clients until they are satisfied and provides them with an opportunity to raise their concerns.
  3. Tony can handle any customer’s misconceptions.
  4. Colin fails to show his clients that they are the company’s top priority.
  5. Yolanda requires working on her customer care skills.

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