As a manager, it's especially important to track the activities when they are using the company desktop computers. The employee desktop monitoring software will work the trick for you, and are especially useful when you realize that the employees are not giving their best performance at workplace, they easily get distracted, and they don't handle sensitive data with care. Monitoring Softwares are very efficient tools recommended to employers, as they allow the manager to view the live activities happening on the desktop of the employee without them noticing. Below are some of the best employee desktop monitoring software accessible within major organisations.


It's a unique employee monitoring software that keeps watch on the desktop activities without being detected by the user. Viewing all work of the employee is easy. The software has added features that let the manager control the operation of the desktop, block sites, and apps that may distract the employee.

www.desktopmonitoring.netDesktop monitorin

The software has features that allow the manager to monitor multiple computers from a centralized position. With the software, you can record the employee desktop activities and record them. The software stores the files in AVI.


Teramind software is a unique tool that visualizes and records the activities of the desktop. It records all the activities including keystrokes and sends email alerts once an action is triggered.


Currentware employee desktop monitoring software that is easy to install. It captures monitors screenshot and gives the manager a privilege to limit the bandwidth. You will receive email notification on the activity of employee.

www.pinyaguard.comPinya Guard

Pinya Guard Software applies to both small and large enterprises. You view live the operations of the employee desktop and control of sites and internet bandwidth. Also, monitor the connected external devices.


The software makes monitoring easy. It's cloud based and record all the employees' activities. The software is not complicated. Just install, login, configure, and you are ready to monitor.

www.downloadspywaresoftware.netEmployee Desktop Viewer

Employee Desktop Viewer is a live desktop view that will allow you to monitor all the activities of the employee. It's efficient to use in multiple desktops and supports dual-screen monitoring.


with this employee desktop monitoring software, you can monitor all the activities of the desktop remotely. It's compatible with your Windows desktop at a workplace.

www.screenshotmonitor.comScreenshot Monitor

An active employee desktop monitoring software that keep track of full activities of the computer. You receive email alerts of any activity, and they are all recorded in the cloud.


Having the employee desktop monitoring software will provide a real-time tracking system for the PC activities. Automatically saves screenshots, current employee processes and block sites that you don't want the employee to access.

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