In a busy firm, an employee monitoring software is essential to ensure that everyone is performing the tasks as planned and also provides productivity. The software provides the manager with the privileged to access and monitor employees computer quickly. Some distractions always steal employee attention in a working environment and that where the employee monitoring software comes in hand. There are different employee monitoring software with various features that allow control of the employee computer.

Top effective employee monitoring software>ExtraSpy Employee Monitor:

Is completely free software that is high efficient. The software is best applicable in a firm with an extensive network. Some of the features include, monitoring activities of the employee during working hours, blocking the sites that violate the firm rules, see the sites the employee visit and the apps they use.

screenshotmonitor.comScreenshot Monitor

: Is a very efficient and the best tracking software. It is applicable for utmost two clients and captures the screenshot of each employee thrice per hour. The screenshots are saved online, and the manager will be notified once a screenshot is taken. The software setup files are about 500kb.

www.iSafe AllnOne.comiSafe AllnOne monitor:

The software offers real-time monitoring and is undetectable. The keylogger monitor has a simple setup, but it is powerful and popular in most of the organization. Suitable for monitoring and controlling your employee work.

www.softpedia.comStatWin Single Lite

is an efficient software that controls all the processes of your employees' computer. The software saves all the monitoring records and lets you view anytime. It is a useful software with features that provide with more details such as, the name of the employee, time spent on the execution of the process, etc.

www.hubstaff.comHub staff software

is a cloud base and very efficient employee monitoring software. It remains hidden on your employee computer. The features include capturing screenshot, time tracking, tracking mouse movements. It sends email notification of the monitoring process. It is small about 2MB.

www.mysammy.comMy Sammy

is a software that measures the employee rather than spy on the activities. When you choose the software, you get the chance to know the most contributing employee in your organization.


the employee monitoring software, is a real-time tracking system. It automatically saves screenshots, current employee processes and block sites that you don't want the employee to access.

An effective employee monitoring system ensures efficient tracking of functions of the employee. Get employee monitoring software free for your or use employee monitoring software free download with crack to get advance features.


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