Top 30 employee engagement workshop activities

Employee workshop activities should focus on enhancing their abilities and skills. For the workshop activities to succeed, employees must be involved. Participation of employees gives them a sense of belonging thus being proud of their work. Happy employees yield better results thus increasing the company’s productivity. Engagement also gauges the employee how concerned he is with his work.

Employee workshop engagement activities develop a healthy working environment. Engaged employees will often feel comfortable to work within the organization thus reducing the rate of turnover for qualified employees. Engagement also attracts new hires who are a source of new skills and abilities. Here are some engagement workshop activities


  • Enhance interaction amongst the employees
  • Enquire for feedback to understand the impact of the workshop
  • Devolve responsibilities amongst the employees to instill a sense of responsibility
  • Engage the employees in discussions to enhance communication skills
  • Participate in a forum where each employee would share their life experiences


  • Set up puzzles that would pose a challenge to the team that requires teamwork
  • Set up short term goals to be achieved within the workshop duration
  • Create a competitive platform where each team needs to outdo the other
  • Bring in some motivation and inspiration for the team
  • Entrust the team with extra responsibilities during the workshop
  • Let the team understand the importance of workshop


  • Encourage gamification to cheer them up
  • The employees should also engage in dancing forums
  • Engage in talent shows where they will showcase their talents
  • Having standard dinner where the employees will chat and interact
  • Hold an ordinary party to enhance mingling


  • Create clubs during the workshop and every employee participate in various the clubs and improve their abilities
  • During the seminar, employees should outsource materials from other groups to gain knowledge
  • Hold regular discussions during the workshop where every employee will share their ideas
  • Avail chances of learning to every employee during the workshop
  • Brainstorming should also be applied to supply the employees with extra skills and abilities

Group involvement

  • Divide the employees into groups
  • Involve the team in decision-making
  • Let the team monitor and create their work schedules
  • Reduce the supervision and entrust them with more responsibilities
  • Let them know how they contribute towards the company's mission and vision
  • Involve them in the planning process of the organization
  • Let them get involved in the mission of achieving the companys goal and objectives

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