Top 28 Employee engagement activities for Diwali

Diwali celebrations are important, and staff should not be left out with the celebrations. Diwali celebrations as with most festivals will enhance the employee engagement as they build up their relationships and collaboration. The connection build during the Diwali festival ensures that the entire company celebrates the festival together.

Employee engagement activities for Diwali will keep the employees relaxed and refreshed. Engagement of employees during festivals like Diwali acts as a monitor to show how concerned the employees are with their job activities hence enhancing commitment. Engaged employees always feel happy and appreciated thus portraying a better performance. Here are some employee engagement activities for Diwali.


  • Music- let the employees choose themed Diwali music and dance to it
  • Band- invite a band to the event
  • Lunch-let them have lunch together
  • Games- encourage Diwali themed gamification
  • Play- let them perform a play regarding the Diwali event
  • Cake-bake them a special cake for Diwali


  • Decoration- let them work in groups and decorate the place with a theme of Diwali
  • Schedule- let them monitor the timing of the whole event
  • Collaboration-let them collaborate with each other and give back to the society
  • Arrangement- let them arrange and cater for the event
  • Dress code- let them choose a dress code to wear for the event


  • Feedback- encourage feedback to know how they feel about the festival and job
  • Brainstorming-hold brainstorming discussions where everyone shares his thoughts
  • Suggestion forums- hold forums where everyone shares ideas and suggestions
  • Outsourcing- encourage outsourcing where employee shares knowledge.
  • Speaking up- let them speak up and lay down their challenges
  • Open forum- show them concern and help them where matters are not clear to them


  • Goals -let them understand their goals and responsibilities
  • Ideas- during the event let them share their thoughts and help them work on them
  • Motivation- during the celebration bring in some inspiration and motivation
  • Trust-engage your employees and provide them with extra responsibilities
  • Career - during the festival assist employees with their career to enable them to achieve their goals


  • Gifts- give the employee gifts that have a Diwali theme
  • Motivation- award employees that provide inspiration and motivation to their colleagues
  • Completion- honor employees for the achievement of tasks assigned to them and those that they volunteered to accomplish.
  • Publicity- let it be known who the best employee in the 10-year course.
  • Trophy-reward the best employee with a trophy
  • Video- put it on video and showcase your best employees

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