Employee engagement activities calendar. Top 27 ideas
  1. Speaking up- this is where employees lay out their discomforts and problems.
  2. Focusing on what they do best- this is whereby they engage themselves in activities that match to their skills.
  3. Celebrating personal achievements- if a colleague meets his goals let it be known by the whole team and celebrate it
  4. Bring in a motivational speaker- start off a workday with some inspiration. The speaker helps the employee to be more focused and energized.
  5. Training- this helps the staffs to enhance their skills and also acquire new skills.
  6. Collaboration- this helps the employee on how to relate with one another and ensure efficient working condition.
  7. Hire by your organization culture- this ensures that you hire the right employees’ and who will be fully engaged and collaborative with the company culture
  8. Trust the employees- this will help the employee be more involved and accomplish the work given to them efficiently and on time
  9. Let someone else do the leading-sharing the responsibilities with the employees make them feel engaged.
  10. Hold problem-solving meetings- let employees’ involve themselves in explaining how they would solve a problem facing the organization.
  11. Event planning- let the employees get involved in planning the whole event with their ideas.
  12. Long-term projects- give them the responsibility to tackle long-term projects. 
  13. Reward employees for a job well done- this will help employees be more engaged in performing well
  14. Encourage wellness of employee- relieve them from stress and obstacles that deter them from being engaged.
  15. Clarify goals and responsibilities-  make them understand their responsibilities this will help them be engaged
  16. Team work-encourage teamwork by having teams create their culture and work on it
  17. Projects- let them pursue their personal projects this will enhance their creativity
  18. Have group photos- this increases work relationships and employee engagement
  19. Encourage volunteering- this will help them feel engaged as they gain experience.
  20. Raise compensation-this motivates most employees hence becoming more engaged in the job activities
  21. Mission and vision- let the employees understand the company’s vision and mission
  22. Incorporate some games at work- these are fun and will engage workers in a unique way
  23. Encourage feedback- here out their opinions as it will help in the smooth running of the organization
  24. Innovation- support their new ideas and assist them to work on them
  25. Flexibility- reduce the level of supervision and let them work when they want to. Incorporate telecommuting
  26. Support them with their career- help the employees reach their goals
  27. Working environment- create a conducive and comfortable working environment

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