In every company, employee engagement is crucial to its success. It means that employees are emotionally committed and willing to work to achieve the goals of the company. That is why the human resource departments need to know the right employee engagement metrics to know if the employees are engaged or not. These are the yardsticks for measuring engagement levels. Below is a list of popular engagement metrics you should employ:

Employee engagement survey results

The results of engagement surveys can show the performance of your company as far as employee engagement against that of other firms in the industry. They also provide a reference point for comparing past and current results.


While few organizations evaluate recognition, it is an important indicator of engagement. This measures the amount of funds that are used by each department to finance recognition.

Training and development investment

This is the measure of how much is spent on training and development. The more efforts are directed into training and development of employees, the more the engagement levels increase.

Employee referral percentage

This is the proportion of new employees who have become part of your organization due to an internal employee. Where none of your employees wants to refer potential candidates to your company, you should work on your employee engagement.


This metric shows the value of the employees to the company. For example, employees who meet their deadlines and always show up to work in time and relate well with others are an asset. This can be measured by assessing attendance, evaluating team performance and analyzing the utilization of company’s resources by the employees.


This seeks to know where the employees place themselves in the future of the organization. It is a difficult thing to measure, but if the employees are free to open up, it can give insights on the engagement level.

Quality of work

Work quality is directly correlated to employees’ effectiveness. This can be assessed by determining the amount of work approved or rejected.


An organization, where employees are accorded benefits to recognize their efforts can keep employees engaged. You should assess whether the benefits you are giving your employees are engaging their employees.


This metric assesses if employees collaborate when carrying out projects. Does it help in enhancing the quality of work? Engaged employees always have effective relationships with their colleagues as they strive to achieve the goals of the company.


Are the employees ready to initiate new ideas for driving company’s projects? Engaged employees tend to be innovative.

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