Improving engagement at work may seem challenging to various employers. However, it is simple and cost effective. There are multiple engagement ideas for work, which can make your workplace the best place to be for existing and potential employees. Here are some ideas you can implement:

Ask employees for advice

  1. Employee engagement surveys- These will help you to understand the engagement levels of your employees
  2. One-on-one feedback sessions- Such forums enable you to determine how the employees feel about their work and the organization.
  3. Advice on office improvement- Ask employees what should be changed in their workplace
  4. Lobby painting options- Again you can ask employees to give you their thoughts on the best color to paint the lobby or the reception
  5. Snacks choices- The employees can give options of snacks they are comfortable with.

Create an interesting office environment

  1. Paint the walls brightly- A new layer of paint on otherwise dull walls will keep your employees engaged.
  2. Change the office décor- The office décor can improve the moods of the employees and hence, their productivity
  3. Invest in comfortable and functional office furniture- Install comfortable chairs and desks that make it easier to work.
  4. Open workspace- Open office plans allow workers to collaborate and work together.
  5. Well-stocked break rooms- Your employees need rest as well. A well-stocked break room can help them relax.

Show off your employees

  1. Photos on lobby walls- Let everyone who visits your lobby to view your employees
  2. Bulletin boards in break rooms- You can use bulletin boards to display your employees
  3. Photo shoots- Make it a routine to conduct individual or team photo shoot. Besides, you can also encourage employees to be a part of a company photo
  4. Take pictures at office parties- Make the photos a part of the company’s album
  5. Display your employees in the company’s newsletter- Take photos of employees and let them appear in different columns of the newsletter.

Celebrate people also not only their achievements

  1. Appreciate their weddings- Recognizing employees when they get married will make them know that you not only appreciate them as workers in your organization but also as individuals
  2. Graduations- Sending a congratulatory gift or award can make your employee feel appreciated.
  3. Community service- Congratulate employees when they win community awards
  4. Public speaking events- If they are involved in public speaking recognize that as well
  5. Birthdays- Take note of your employee’s birthdays too

Socialize at and outside workplace

  1. Dinner after work- Hold dinner with a colleague after work at a local restaurant
  2. Have lunch with some employees- This can improve the relationship between employees and the executives
  3. Holiday party- A holiday party that involves all the staff and executives can improve work relationships while enhancing engagement levels.
  4. Annual parties- You can plan annual parties where employees interact with their coworkers and their managers
  5. Organization games- These games can help employees to practice their hobbies while bringing them together

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