Too often we spend a lot of time in meetings which end up as a waste of time, unproductive, and just plain annoying. It is frustrating as a manager to lack employees' engagement in a meeting, especially if you have tried all in your power to make them participate. Lack of the employee participation is a complete roadblock in achieving the objective of a meeting. So don't struggle anymore as the following employee engagement session ideas will do the trick for you.

Team activities

Brainstorm: facilitate brainstorming sessions.

Questions: frame questions that encourage the employee to engage.

Warm up: ask the employee a positive question/something that is already working.

Debate: create a discussion on the objectives of the meeting.

World café: people sit in a restaurant table style and discuss the team question.


Thank you note: thank the employee who engages a lot.

Memo: send employee recognition notice.

Applause: applause the employees for contributing

Lunch: invite the most engaged employee to lunch.

Compliment: reward all good ideas.

Company incentives

Lunch: give themed team lunch

Company apparel: issue t-shirts, caps, etc.

Treats: Snacks, biscuit sharing during the meeting.

Feedback: encourage feedbacks

Rate meeting: let employees rate the session out of 5.

Manager activities

Time management: start on time.

Encourage engagement: ask a question.

Limit meetings: maximum of 1hr

Send memos before the meeting: addressing the meeting agenda.

Limit the attendees: fewer people attend more they cooperate.

Ad hoc meeting ideas

Stand up meeting: standing during a meeting improves attention and engagement.

Speed dating: pair employees and encouraging switching of partners to change ideas

Get visual: use of pie charts and graphs.

Special guest: invite mentors and leaders to the meeting.

Direct goals: have clear aims and objectives.

Sharing ideas

Cards- issues cards to the employee to write idea.

Speed dating: bouncing partners to share ideas.

Rounds: going round and making employee complete sentences.

Whiteboards: share ideas on the white boards.

Surveys: Divide the team into groups and conduct a study on an issue.

Fun ideas

Keep it moving: change the aspect of the meeting after every 20 minutes.

Social time: start 10 minutes earlier

Gamification: start each session with a game or a brain teaser.

Outside the box: take advantage of the environment and hold the meeting outsides

Office memes: create fun memes based on the workplace.

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