Employees are an important aspect of every business. They run the day to day operations through offering knowledge and information to customers thus creating or increasing profitability. Engaging your employees is a critical aspect that every thriving business to consider.

Employee Engagement Activities

These activities are set up in different categories:


  1. Create open platforms for your employees to speak up - Allow employees to talk without fear of criticism or judgment to promote openness.
  2. Help your employees know each other - Organize older employees to receive new ones warmly creating a bond from the first day.
  3. Feed your staff with inside information - rather than wait for rumors to do rounds, share privileged information to create an environment of trust.
  4. Ask for feedback - Take the time to ask for feedback from each of them to understand how they interpret the instructions you give.

Work ethics

  1. Be passionate about your business - Share your passion with your employees and get involved in growing it.
  2. Create mentorship programs - Assign new hires a mentor who guides them through their first few months.
  3. Reward employees for work well done - Awards creates motivation and encourages others to do their best.
  4. Celebrate success - A small office party to celebrate victory lifts the worker's spirit.
  5. Recognize individual efforts - As the projects prosper, acknowledge and appreciate individuals behind the success.
  6. Emphasize on work-life balance - As a team comes up with a better plan to allow everyone enjoy their work and life better.
  7. Encourage teamwork -Teach every employee to know they are part of the organization, and failing on their part, fails everyone else.
  8. Raise salaries - it's one way to appreciate hard working employees.
  9. Encourage learning - challenge them to better themselves by learning new skills.
  10. Get social - teambuilding, weekend competitions, and many other fun activities build a happy team.

Work environment

  1. Create a positive atmosphere - be mindful of others and spread positivity every day.
  2. Give your departments some freedom - liberty to think out of the box creates creativity among the employees.
  3. Hold open forums to brainstorm - once in a while, create platforms to allow workers to give their views without contempt or rejection.
  4. Hire according to the company policy - be very authentic in hiring to build a qualified staff.
  5. Take a personal interest in your employees - simply learn what their short and long-term goals and support them where needed.
  6. Allow each employee to lead - whether monthly or weekly, give each employee their chance.

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