Employee engagement training is integral to a company's success. It aims at improving the productivity of the employees while maintaining best talents. Employee engagement is a process, and that can be achieved by training employees to achieve company objectives using various activities. But, how do you go about it? Different activities can engage your staff. Below is a list of employee engagement activities.

  1. Align your organization with a core purpose by focusing on the reasons for your actions.
  2. Allow employees take part in competitive sports, tournaments and games. It can be as simple as pool tournament or football league.
  3. Let employees understand what employee engagement means to the organization.
  4. Implement wellness and health program to ensure employees are fit.
  5. Encourage activities in team building especially those that employees would love, away from the office. For instance they can take part in bowling, laser tag or brewery tours.
  6. Provide options for healthy vending. For example, you can have office healthy snacks delivered into the office, it shows staff you care.
  7. Give employees access to company's information.
  8. Celebrate their personal achievements.
  9. Encourage them to balance their work and personal life.
  10. Emphasize on encouraging coworkers who perform exceptionally.
  11. Get motivational speaker to talk to the employees.
  12. Engage in fun activities.
  13. Initiate an employee survey to attain honest feedback.
  14. Find out what motivates the employees.
  15. Encourage benefits that enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of the individuals.
  16. Eliminate cubicles as office plans and implement open office.
  17. Offer employees continuing training and coaching.
  18. Initiate regular lines of communication.
  19. Optimize on employees top talents.
  20. Ensure that new employees get to know their team members.
  21. Show the staff how their individual responsibilities drive the organization's vision.
  22. Let employees move laterally within the company.
  23. Assign more responsibilities to the employees.
  24. Understanding the company's culture and hire the employees in relation to it.
  25. Encourage employees to volunteer.
  26. Celebrate teamwork.
  27. Allow time for employees to access managerial offices to share their concerns.
  28. Build trust with the employees.
  29. Send inspirational quotes at the starting of the week.
  30. Develop a plan for achieving the company's goal.
  31. Introduce incentives for rewarding successful goal attainment.
  32. Create a weekly food day.
  33. Allow other employees to lead weekly meetings at some days.
  34. Initiate a learning club.
  35. Introduce a newsletter.
  36. Email banning for a day or a few hours per day to encourage one on one communication.
  37. Show the employees the customer's testimonials about their work.
  38. Respond to feedback from employees in real time.
  39. Get a specialist to hold interesting talks with the employees so that they can learn new things but in an exciting way.
  40. Use games to engage employees.
  41. Demonstrate that you care for employees as individuals.
  42. Encourage open brainstorming.
  43. Hold meetings on problem-solving.
  44. Let employees engage in company's event planning.
  45. Allow the staff to take part in a committee for office design.
  46. Get employees to participate in long-term projects.
  47. Let them know their work schedules and have access to them.