According to the Australian Human Right Body, the employers are expected to carry out an employee background check to make sure that you pose no threat to their organization. For employees looking for a new job in an Australian firm, understanding the jurisdiction of an employer will help you ready for an interview. After all, a lot of time, resources and efforts are spent during an interview, and you don't want to blow away the chance of landing to your dream job by just missing or having incorrect details.

Employee background check in Australia involves Personal information, education verification, and history information. An employer will want to conduct a background check to all the staff before bringing onboarding process begins. As an employee you should be prepared and here are the things you need to know.

Identity verification.

The Australian legislation permits the employer to do a thorough identification check on you. This includes asking for your passport, driving license or ID card to verify that the photo you have provided is yours. A social insurance card can assist the employer to identify you.

Drugs Verification

The Australia government allows the drug background check on an employee to be carried out under specific conditions. For example, for workers seeking a job in a factory setting where there are machinery and chemicals, the employer should background check on personal medication, drugs history and so on. The Australia human right permits the Drug background check as a way of preventing deaths.

Criminal checks

Criminal checks are not common in Australia but for a company with sensitive information this background check is a must. Arrest history is something that employees would like their employer not to know as a way impressing them. However, employers can request for police checks. The National Police check database in used in Australia.

Credit checks

The Australia government permits employers to check credits history according to the job position you are seeking. The information on the personal credit history enables the manager to gauge the level of the employee responsibility. For example, if you don't pay your bills, then a company may decide that you are not liable for the job opportunity.

Reference background check

The employers have jurisdiction to reference your previous employers ask for the necessary information they need to know about you. This information may include your strength areas, weakness, and attitude at work.

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